Marc Hennerici: Moving up into GT1-World Championship

Marc Hennerici: Moving up into GT1-World Championship

18.03.2010: This year Marc Hennerici will compete for Phoenix-Racing in the FIA-GT1 World Championship. The 2005 Independent World Touring Car Champion has now returned 100% in international motorsports. Having been very successful from 2006

This year Marc Hennerici will compete for Phoenix-Racing in the FIA-GT1 World Championship. 

The 2005 Independent World Touring Car Champion has now returned 100% in international motorsports.  Having been very successful from 2006 to 2009 - initially in the Long-Distance-Championship Nürburgring with Land-Motorsport, before switching over into the GT-Masters providing him with the opportunity to gain lots of experience on GT3 bolides during the past two years and finally winning the Vice-Championship with his partner Luca Ludwig – he is now eventually moving up in the royal league of GT-Sports – the FIA-GT1 World Championship.

Hennerici does not expect any major problems when changing from GT3 to GT1 Corvette: „Naturally, the cars are completely different: the GT1 Corvette is a full-blooded racing car, while the GT3 version has been comparatively standard. There is hence a major difference from a technical point of view, however, they are similar in regards to their handling characteristics. Both are kind of well-tempered and it is fun to drive them in case over such a distance.”

After a test for Matech Concepts in their GT1-Ford many outsiders might have expected a co-operation with the Swiss team, especially considering the fact that Marc Hennerici drove the black GT1-Ford last year in Oschersleben in an impressive manner in a rainy race – however, reality is different as proven by signing the contract with Phoenix:

„Dr. Koch and I have thought a lot about this decision, we have considered the pros and cons – in the bottom line it has been Phoenix-Racing’s proven long-time experience that tipped the scales” said Hennerici.  „For the time being no statement can be made in regards to their strengths, but the experience that Phoenix has gained will certainly pay off. I suppose for a start it should be our goal to score points regularly.” 

Nicolas Armindo, a competitor during the last GT-Masters season is now the new team-colleague of the student living in Bonn – they are already getting along very well: „Nicolas is a very likeable person and I am looking forward to attack with him as a partner. During the first tests, the co-operation with all three team-colleagues has already worked out great. “

Even though Phoenix-Racing will participate in the 24hrs-race on the Nürburgring, Hennerici does not want to make a firm commitment that he will drive the R8 LMS: „We are still negotiating with various teams – the decision will be made within the coming 3 – 4 weeks.”

- Ra.Dr. Hugo Koch -  photo ADAC


18.03.2010 / MaP

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