Mercedes Benz  -  Meet the designers, interviews

Mercedes Benz - Meet the designers, interviews

11.05.2016: Xiao Li: Beijing to London 23 February 2016 – London Fashion Week official venue, Brewer Street Car

Xiao Li: Beijing to London

23 February 2016 – London Fashion Week official venue, Brewer Street Car Park – London, UK

What did winning the Merit Award and thus the chance to show in London on schedule as part of the Mercedes-Benz International Designer Exchange Program mean to you?

Xiao Li: ‘Showing at London Fashion Week was a great opportunity for me, but also a real challenge as the standard is so high. I was really lucky to have the support of the British Fashion Council as well as Mercedes-Benz.

Showing on schedule in London has really helped my brand move to a new level of awareness and to be seen by so many important people.’

What did it mean to you to be able to work with Mercedes-Benz especially on a series of significant moments in your career?

Xiao Li: ‘It was such an honour for me to work with Mercedes-Benz they have been really professional and generous with time and advice as well as supporting my show.

 I’ve learnt a lot from this experience about how to develop my brand thanks to Mercedes-Benz.’

Why was it important for you to have the opportunity to present your collection to a new market at this stage in your career?

Xiao Li: ‘Having done three seasons of off-schedule shows with Fashion Scout in London as an emerging brand, I felt the time was right for my label to be seen as something more established. It’s not easy to get on the catwalk schedule at London Fashion Week so this was such an incredible chance for me.

And I’ve been able to meet new friends and work with interesting people, like Julia Sarr-Jamois who styled my show as well as connect with more buyers from different markets, all made possible by Mercedes-Benz.’

What has the process taught you about how you work and is there anything you will now do differently?

Xiao Li: ‘It’s funny that the theme of my show was about the speed of fashion as I learnt a lot about time management through this process.

I also learned how to be more organized and professional thanks to working with Mercedes-Benz and their gobal teams as well as the British Fashion Council.’

How has the support of Mercedes-Benz and their fashion platforms helped you?

Xiao Li: ‘There’s no way I would have been able to show on schedule in London without the support of Mercedes-Benz.

But they also helped a great deal behind the scenes: developing my collection and connecting me with the creative people who helped make the catwalk presentation such a success.’

When we met in London before your show you were very nervous - how did you feel once the collection was on the catwalk?

Xiao Li: ‘Relieved! But also excited for the opportunities that I have to look forward to now.’

What was the best thing about returning to London with your collection? Did you have a very different experience to working in Beijing?

Xiao Li: ‘London and Beijing are both home for me – but London is where I studied, and where I live and work now. It’s where I design my collection and the best place to showcase it.

Mercedes-Benz presents Xiao Li at LFW AW16Mercedes-Benz presents Xiao Li at LFW AW16Mercedes-Benz presents Xiao Li at LFW AW16

Mary Katrantzou: London to Beijing

27 March 2016 – Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week official venue, First Workshop @ 798 Art Zone – Beijing, China

What was the best thing about returning to London with your collection? Did you have a very different experience to working in Beijing?

Mary Katrantzou: ‘China is an important market for us so it was a fantastic opportunity to be invited to be part of Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week and show the full collection in Beijing as part of the International Designer Exchange Program.

The show was an exact replica to the show we presented in London and it was really exciting to see the show with an all Asian cast of models.’

What did it mean to you to be able to work with Mercedes-Benz especially on a series of significant moments in your career?

Mary Katrantzou: ‘Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s most iconic luxury brands so they are the perfect partner for exciting international showcasing opportunities.’

Why was it important for you to have the opportunity to present your collection to a new market at this stage in your career?

Mary Katrantzou: ‘The growth of our business is dependent on international markets and working with the best partners in each territory. The opportunity to spend time in these markets is invaluable.’

How has the support of Mercedes-Benz and their fashion platforms helped you?

Mary Katrantzou: ‘The opportunity to show your full collection in an important market is not something that would normally present itself, as a catwalk show can be cost prohibitive.

 The Mercedes-Benz team went out of their way for us to feel welcome and organised everything we needed to produce the show.’

What did you want to achieve out of your exchange in Beijing and do you think you have succeeded?

Mary Katrantzou: ‘We really want to meet the local influencers and customers which is something that we were able to do.

 I always take any opportunity to meet the retailers and listen to feedback first hand. It helps you create a deeper connection with the customers buying your brand.’

Why are China and the Far East important markets for you?

Mary Katrantzou: ‘I think it’s an important market for anyone growing a fashion brand. There is a new generation of well-educated, well-travelled consumers looking for luxury products with a point of difference.’

Was this your first time in Beijing and did the city/people/China fashion week meet with your expectations?

Mary Katrantzou: ‘I’m lucky enough to have traveled to China and the Far East a number of times and each time I have a great experience. The people are very welcoming and very fashion forward.’

Mercedes-Benz presents Mary Katrantzou at MB China FW AW16Mercedes-Benz presents Mary Katrantzou at MB China FW AW16

Annelie Schubert: ‘The Formers’ Showroom at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères

23-24 April 2016 – ‘The Formers’ presented by Mercedes-Benz, villa Noailles x Mercedes-Benz

What did winning the opportunity to participate and show as part of the Mercedes-Benz International Designer Exchange Program mean to you?

Annelie Schubert: ‘I am honored to have been given the opportunity to take part in the Mercedes-Benz Designer Exchange Program.

Presenting my collection to the public, press and industry professionals is an incredible opportunity which allowed me to gain valuable feedback and contacts.’

Why was it important for you to have the opportunity to present your collection to a new market at this stage in your career?

Annelie Schubert: ‘It was a wonderful experience and great opportunity given to me by Mercedes-Benz. Putting a show together and presenting it to the public gave me first hand experience and incredible exposure.’

How does it feel to be returning to Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères with so much more experience? Do you feel that you have grown much as a designer in the last year?

Annelie Schubert: ‘I am excited to return to Hyères. Personally I am more confident and relaxed about presenting. I think knowing the festival and its program really helped as all was the support from Mercedes-Benz.’

As a German designer, was it a particularly special experience to show in Berlin with the help of such a renowned German company as Mercedes-Benz?

Annelie Schubert: ‘I loved showing my collection in Berlin. Putting a fashion show together can be an overwhelming experience if it wasn't for the organization and tremendous support I received from Mercedes-Benz.’

What was the atmosphere like showing at Festival Hyères and as you plan to return, what are you most looking forward to?

Annelie Schubert: ‘Hyère has a wonderful atmosphere and everyone one present is very supportive – feels more like a family get together rather than a presentation. I look forward to meeting the incredibly talented and interesting personalitiies who will be present.’

Mercedes-Benz & ELLE present Annelie Schubert at MBFW Berlin SS16Mercedes-Benz & ELLE present Annelie Schubert at MBFW Berlin SS16Mercedes-Benz & ELLE present Annelie Schubert at MBFW Berlin SS16

Mercedes-Benz Fashion social media launch

In support of their ongoing fashion commitment worldwide, Mercedes-Benz has launched a collection of new fashion-focused social media channels.

Alongside forming a centralised hub for online audiences to explore the 50 plus fashion-related platforms supported by Mercedes-Benz, the channels cover emerging talent, inspiring moments in fashion history and feature collaborations with established and up-and-coming digital influencers.

Mercedes-Benz is also supporter of established events such as Paris, London, and Milan Fashion Week; it is however the exclusive access to markets such as Africa, Australia and China – to name a few – that set these social media channels apart from others.

Moreover, diverse content from over 50 fashion platforms worldwide allows the brand to tell a real ‘global’ fashion story – an all-encompassing look into the impact of culture on fashion design and a celebration of diversity and talent in emerging markets.

While the ‘Mercedes-Benz Fashion’ Instagram (@mbfw) channel is the go-to place for highly curated content with a strong editorial voice, the brand’s fashion-focused Twitter, Snapchat and Periscope channels (@mbfwofficial) present audiences with exclusive behind-the-scenes content, live from selected, key Mercedes-Benz Fashion engagements.

Ina Schultz- photos Mercedes


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