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Bargs takes Pole Trifecta, Neal on front row

09.10.2008: Bargs takes Pole Trifecta, Neal on front row

Double British Touring Car Champion, Matt Neal qualified second for tomorrow's race one of MINI CHALLENGE

Jason Bargwanna has set his third successive pole time in MINI CHALLENGE, scorching around the Mount Panorama circuit today in 2:31.1762, some 1.25 seconds faster than surprise front row man, Matt Neal.

The Englishman, driving for Motorline MINI Garage, put his MINI on the front row right at the end of qualifying. He was one of the final cars across the line, pipping Scott Bargwanna (Trivett Classic MINI Garage/Matchmaster TV Reception Systems) who had sat second for the entire session – ending the dream of an all Bargwanna front row.

The red flag flew for Todd Fiore during the out lap. The Shell Helix Ultra/Brisbane MINI Garage driver collected the wall at the top of the Mountain. The Greg Murphy Racing team is hopeful of having the youngster back on track tomorrow morning for race one.

Qualifying fourth fastest was the super-impressive Brent Collins (PDL Electrical Solutions). The New Zealand MINI CHALLENGE Champion has taken to Mount Panorama and the Australian MINI CHALLENGE cars like a duck to water.

Fifth was the ultra experienced Tim Leahey (Kings Way MINI Garage). Being from nearby Orange, Leahey will have a huge local following at Bathurst. Sixth placing was UBER-STAR CAR driver, Boris Said. The NASCAR star has never been to Bathurst before – nor has he driven a right hand drive car with an H-pattern gearbox before today.

The big story of qualifying though was the performance of the outright Series contenders. The man poised to take the Series lead, Neil McFadyen has left the Industrie clothing team with a bit to do tonight to get on top of some problems he was having. He was languishing down the field – before securing 11th in a last gasp effort.

Nathan Geier in the DecoRug Racing machine was eighth come the chequered flag. It is the 25-year-old’s first visit to the Mountain. His team-mate – Paul Stokell – finished just in front of Geier in seventh after being right up the front in practice this morning.

Rounding out the top 10 were Ryan McLeod (Racer Industries) and former Australian Sprintcar Champion – Todd Wanless (Motorline MINI Garage).

Following McFadyen through in 12th was Paul Fiore (Shell Helix Ultra), with fellow West Aussie – David Turner (Glory Team Racing) 13th. Beric Lynton (Bruce Lynton MINI Garage) and Gary Young (SALTA Constructions) completed the top 15.

A wide-eyed 19-year-old Chris Wootton (Behind the Wheel Experience) qualified 16th in his first motor race in Australia (let alone first visit to Bathurst), whilst Nick and Michael Stillwell (Bib Stillwell MINI Garage) and Darren Berry (Clipper Motor Yachts) rounded out the qualifiers.

Conditions for qualifying could not have been any more different than this morning’s practice session. Practice was held in sub-10 degree temperatures, whilst for this afternoon’s qualifying, the ambient was nudging 30.

Tomorrow will feature race one at 11:10am, with race three on Saturday being shown live on the Seven Network’s Logie Award winning telecast at approximately 2:55pm.


JASON BARGWANNA – 1st: "I came down the mountain at the end of the session and saw the 97 and 79 one and two on the scoring board, which was a very exciting thing to see! Although Matt pipped Scotty, it’s still a great result for us. Personally, the extra 50kg (success ballast) that I’m carrying definitely makes a difference under acceleration. I think the miles I’ve done around this place may have contributed to the result!"

MATT NEAL – 2nd: "It’s really good fun out there! I haven’t been to Bathurst since 2001, so this helps with the V8 stuff and vice versa. There are so many blind corners at the top of the mountain, if you get the opportunity to do more laps you do them! We made some little changes from qualifying and obviously it seems to have worked."

BORIS SAID – 6th: "This is the first time that I have driven a front wheel drive car since 1993! I also have never been to Bathurst before or changed gears (in a H-pattern) with my left hand. The circuit is like a smaller version of the Nurburgring, but is a lot of fun. It’s good to have this opportunity so that I can get some more miles around Mount Panorama.



Race 1: Friday, 11:10am

Race 2: Saturday, 8:40am

Race 3: Saturday, 2:55pm


- Matt Payne- also photo

09.10.2008 / MaP

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