Nattokinase - Participating in the Health Food Market

01.03.2006: Nattokinase - Participating in the Health Food Market

With commercial launch of the nutritional supplement ingredient known as "Nattokinase," Honda Trading is making further inroads into the health food market. "Natto," a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans, has long been noted for various benefits to human health. HT focused on this as a research topic and was working on ways to commercialize it with Dr. Hiroyuki Sumi, a professor at Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts who discovered "Nattokinase."

We subsequently acquired exclusive license of patent no. 2119017 regarding "Nattokinase" components and have recently succeeded in bringing it into commercial production. Beginning in March 2006, HT will supply this ingredient domestically and plans to develop it on a global basis, including the US, through our overseas networks.

"Nattokinase" is a functional ingredient contained in "natto" that is recognized for its beneficial effects, especially in regard to preventing thrombosis, a blood clotting disorder—benefits that have contributed to a "natto boom" among Japanese consumers in recent years.

The domestic market for this product as a nutritional supplement, even for those who may not like the taste of "natto" itself, is estimated at annual 15 billion yen, and recognition is growing in Asian and American markets as well.

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