The New Renault ESPACE

The New Renault ESPACE

25.11.2019: The New ESPACE, even more sophistication and technology With more than 1.3 million vehicles sold since 1984, the Renault Espace is an iconic car, always a step ahead of its time and constantly reinventing itself. The fifth generation h

The New ESPACE, even more sophistication and technology

With more than 1.3 million vehicles sold since 1984, the Renault Espace is an iconic car, always a step ahead of its time and constantly reinventing itself. The fifth generation has been reinterpreted and has established itself as a high-end crossover with a bold design.

The INITIALE PARIS trim fully embodies this reinterpretation by offering the best of Renault’s know-how. This emblematic version of Renault’s top-of-the-range gives passengers a stimulating sense experience that embraces touch, hearing, smell and driving sensations.

To ensure even safer long journeys, the New Espace features new EASY DRIVE driver-assistance technologies, including adaptive LED MATRIX VISION -a first in the Renault’s range- high beams for more efficient and safer lighting, and the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion, a first step towards autonomous vehicles which gives comfort and peace of mind behind the wheel.

The New Espace features the Renault EASY CONNECT ecosystem, offering a new experience of connected mobility . It incorporates the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system displayed on a 9.3-inch screen and has a 10.2-inch digital "Driver Display" on the dashboard.

With MULTI-SENSE settings and the 4CONTROL frame with four steered wheels, the New Espace’s driveability is tailored to meet the needs of drivers and passengers. Paired with adjustable damping, 4CONTROL allows for dynamic and responsive driving.

Now more than ever, the New Espace is the Renault brand flagship, at the top of the Renault high-end line along with the Koleos SUV, the Talisman saloon and the Talisman Estate. The New Espace will be launched in Spring 2020.

“Since 2015, the INITIALE PARIS trim has attracted more than 60% of Renault Espace customers, underlining the success of its repositioning as a high-end crossover. These customers will appreciate the revamped design and the new technologies which have been added to the vehicle without affecting the comfort and space that have made the model such a success for more than 35 years now. More than ever, the New Espace embodies Business Class comfort.”

Valérie Candeiller, Upper cars Marketing director

01 Exterior design

A more assertive character

With its crossover style, Renault Espace meets high-end requirements. Its design is now one of the primary reasons for buying the model. The aesthetic changes have given it a bolder character and higher status. The New Espace INITIALE PARIS carries here all these changes.

A sharp new look

LED MATRIX VISION adaptive headlamps, used for the first time in the Renault line, give the New Espace a sharper look, emphasizing the C-shape design specific to the Renault range. A lighting welcome sequence is activated on approaching the vehicle.

A more iconic front end from INITIALE PARIS

The front end of the New Espace has changed, with a new bumper, a new lower front grille and transverse chrome brightwork, enhancing its iconic front end. It has now become the signature that identifies the high end of the Renault range. As with all models bearing this label, the INITIALE PARIS signature appears visibly on the grille.

A redesigned rear bumper

At the rear, the New Espace features a redesigned bumper with a new skid plate, enhancing its crossover design. It includes two oval exhaust outlets for a sportier look. The full LED lights also give a new lighting signature.

New Vintage Red colour

The exterior of the New Espace INITIALE PARIS is distinguished by an exclusive Amethyst Black colour and specific marking on the front grille. On this label and within the range, a new Vintage Red shade complements the range of colours on offer, showing off volumes and lines with rich and deep highlights ranging from black to red.

New wheels

New wheels are also featured in addition to the existing ones, including the Initiale 20’’ model specific to the pictured INITIALE PARIS version.

02 Interior design

Sophistication and technology

The sophisticated materials, ergonomic changes and new technologies inside the New Espace offer drivers and passengers a best-in-class interior worn by the INITIALE PARIS label.

INITIALE PARIS: The New Espace at its most beautiful

On the New Espace, INITIALE PARIS trim offers the choice between two types of exclusive Nappa leather upholstery, Black Titanium or Light Sand-Grey, both colours also being used on the covered door panels. These types of upholstery combine a meticulous finish with the finest materials and are embellished with double topstitching which emphasises the seats’ depth and wrap-around design.

Drivers and passengers benefit from 10-way power-adjustable massaging, heated and ventilated seats with Relax headrests for better support. The laminated side windows provide the highest level of acoustic comfort.
The New Espace INITIALE PARIS also boasts the distinguishing features specific to the trim, with markings on the steering wheel, seats, door sills and carpet mats.

New types of upholstery are offered across the whole New Espace range, with a choice of various materials such as fabric, mixed and Riviera leather, and a new black colour scheme.

A redesigned centre console

The New Espace’s suspended centre console is more stylish. It is also more convenient, featuring a new closed storage area which includes cup-holders, two USB plugs and a jack plug on the right of the gear lever. The electrically controlled “e-shifter” lever, with no mechanical connection with the transmission, leaves a space for smartphones under the console which contains a wireless inductive charging pad.

The console combines all the essential controls within easy reach: rotating dial to access the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system, shortcut for MULTI-SENSE settings, assisted parking brake and the new Auto-Hold control knob. This feature keeps the vehicle stationary when the parking brake is not applied.

And for increased ergonomics, the ventilation dials now feature a digital display for adjusting the temperature.

New Renault EASY LINK system

New Espace features the Renault EASY CONNECT ecosystem which comprises a set of apps such as MY Renault, the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system and connected services such as automatic updates and remote vehicle control. Drivers can enjoy a new connected mobility experience.

The Renault EASY LINK multimedia system offers a brand new user-friendly and customizable interface, like that of a smartphone. Its 9.3-inch screen in portrait configuration is slightly angled towards the driver, expanding the dashboard and giving the passenger compartment a more modern look.

 Renault EASY LINK includes the radio and a multimedia and phone system compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as a satnav system with Google address search, fuel prices and traffic information in real time.

Renault EASY CONNECT offer also includes services available outside the vehicle with the MY Renault app, allowing remote interaction with the vehicle, including vehicle location, a door-to-door
navigation system which can store journeys sent from a smartphone, as well as, eventually, door locking and unlocking and remote activation of lights and horn.

Driver Display screen and head-up display

The Intens and INITIALE PARIS versions of the New Espace offer a dashboard with full digital display on a 10.2-inch screen, including an immersive 3D navigation option. It can be customized according to the MULTI-SENSE mode used.
The Driver Display screen is supplemented by a head-up display system. It shows the most relevant driving information for increased comfort and safety.

03 Comfort

Lounge on wheels

The New Espace is like a lounge on wheels in which each passenger is pampered with the same amount of attention. It offers business class comfort in the INITIALE PARIS level trim, an exemplary modular design and the acoustic experience that can be expected from a high-end home installation.

Comfort at all levels

Available in five- or seven-seat versions, the New Espace boasts business class comfort that provides its passengers with the best travelling conditions. The front seats retain their wrap-around shape, while the second row has three identical individual seats to accommodate passengers in the same way and offer them the same comfort.

Another two passengers can be accommodated in the third-row seats, which can also retract into the floor, leaving room for a flat load area. The loading capacity can thus reach 2,101 litres.

Modularity on demand

The New Espace remains as practical and as welcoming as ever. With One-Touch modularity, the second- and third- row seats can be folded away at will, separately or together. This can be done easily from the driver’s seat using the Renault EASY LINK system or from the boot.

Five new acoustic environments with BOSE premium sound

BOSE, Renault’s partner for more than ten years, has enhanced its premium audio system for the New Espace in order to provide a more immediate and clearer listening experience, regardless of where passengers are seated in the vehicle. With twelve more powerful speakers, it provides a three-way sound system like that of a high-end home hi-fi system. There is now a choice of five acoustic environments which can be adjusted to each type of sound and the number of passengers:

▪ the “Lounge” mode provides a neutral and balanced sound;
▪ the “Surround” mode provides surround sound worthy of the best cinemas;
▪ the “Studio” mode provides a clear and precise sound like that of a recording studio;
▪ the “Immersion” mode provides a vibrant and spatialised sound worthy of a concert venue;
▪ the “Driver” mode channels all the sounds towards the driver.

Powered tailgate

The New Espace’s powered tailgate, a major convenience, can be activated with a foot movement below the rear bumper or with the hands-free card.

Light and airy passenger compartment

All the models in the New Espace range have a 2.8-m² glass roof that gives a light and airy feel to the passenger compartment. Depending on the version, it can become open and cover up to the rear seats as well.

04 Innovations

One step ahead

The New Espace offers an even safer driving experience with the addition of LED MATRIX VISION adaptive lighting and new driver-assistance systems like the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion, a level 2 autonomous driving function.

LED MATRIX VISION adaptive lighting

The New Espace uses the LED MATRIX VISION technology, a first in the Renault range. This intelligent adaptive lighting system provides more safety with better performance than traditional LED systems and greater peace of mind when driving with high beams which do not dazzle other drivers, since the beam is constantly adjusted to the traffic conditions and other motorists.

Each optical unit is made up of vertical LED segments which turn on and off automatically and separately according to different situations.

The front camera identifies oncoming vehicles at from 550 metres and vehicles ahead at 350 metres. The system controls each LED segment and, according to their position, creates shadows and reduce lighting density to avoid dazzling motorists ahead or oncoming vehicles and to avoid reflections from road signs. The headlights are also adjusted when overtaking another vehicle. At the same time, they ensure maximum lighting of the rest of the road to create optimum visibility.

Connected to the MULTI-SENSE system, the LED MATRIX VISION headlamps on the New Espace adapt when the vehicle is in Sport mode, to ensure the best possible visibility for sporty driving. The high beams are automatically activated with a transition phase called a “curtain effect” from 30 km/h in Sport mode, compared with 40 km/h in the other modes.

The LED MATRIX VISION headlamps also increase safety and perform better than traditional LED headlamps, giving 50% more light and increasing the visibility range from 175 metres to 220 metres.

The latest driver-assistance systems

The technology of the New Espace is enhanced with state-of-the-art advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), up to level 2 autonomous driving.

The Highway & Traffic Jam Companion combines adaptive speed control (fitted with automatic Stop & Go) with Lane Centering Assistance which even works on curves. The feature regulates the speed from 0 to 160 km/h and maintains a safe distance from other vehicles ahead. This driver-assistance system stops and starts a vehicle automatically within three seconds without any action by the driver.

The Highway & Traffic Jam Companion (a level 2 autonomous driving feature) significantly improves driving comfort, especially for long-distance trips on motorways, while drivers must keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road.

Advanced Park Assist allows for automatic parking maneuvers: all drivers must do is engage the gear and start accelerating a little; after that, there is no need to control the steering wheel, the acceleration or the brakes. This technology is working for parallel, perpendicular or transverse parking.

The Rear Cross Traffic Alert system warns the driver when vehicles are in the way when leaving a parking space. Effective 180° radars detect the presence of vehicles and trigger an audible alert supplemented by the image of the reverse camera.

The Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS) now features a pedestrian detection system.

The Lane Departure Warning which triggers a steering wheel vibration to warn the driver is supplemented by the Lane Keeping Assist, which applies a steering correction to bring the vehicle back into the lane.

Driver drowsiness detection identifies from the movements of the steering wheel drivers’ tiredness. They receive an audible and visual warning encouraging them to take a break.

Blind Spot Warning now uses two radar sensors located on either side of the car’s rear end. More effective than conventional sensors, this technology ensures more accurate identification of nearby vehicles, regardless of weather conditions.

05 Driving

Sensations on demand

With cutting-edge technologies, the New Espace combines comfort and responsiveness for greater driving pleasure.

MULTI-SENSE: to suit all tastes

The MULTI-SENSE settings can adjust the New Espace’s driveability to drivers’ preferences and are easily accessible from the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system screen or a special button on the centre console.

The MULTI-SENSE system offers three pre-programmed modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport) and a customizable mode (My Sense) which can affect:

▪ aspects of the vehicle’s dynamic performance, such as engine response, EDC transmission gear changes, 4CONTROL system settings, suspension adjustments, steering force and adaptive LED MATRIX VISION headlamps;

▪ aspects of the passenger compartment environment, such as interior lighting (8 colours), the information displayed on the Driver Display digital dashboard, the sound of the engine and the intensity and frequency of front-seat massages.

4CONTROL: the key to outstanding agility

The 4CONTROL four-steered wheel system is always activated and automatically controls both steering directions of the rear wheels:

▪ Up to 50 km/h, the rear wheels turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels to reduce the turning radius to that of a European B-segment (11.1m) and provide increased agility;

▪ Above 50 km/h, the rear wheels turn in the same direction as the front wheels to improve road holding and safety.
The 4CONTROL frame provides the New Espace with unique driving precision for a vehicle of its size and offers drivers a smooth city driving experience.

More efficient adjustable damping

The New Espace’s 4CONTROL frame is paired with adjustable damping to ensure optimum stability and comfort in any situation. It constantly adjusts – up to a hundred times a second – the dampers’ reaction based on various factors such as road conditions, dynamic conditions, actions on steering, the driving mode selected, etc. The system has been optimised for greater efficiency and better body stability when passing obstacles.

06 Engines

High level of performance required

The New Espace features the Renault line’s latest petrol and diesel engines that meet WLTP standards, which not only enhance performance and driving comfort but also use the latest embedded technologies to improve emission control.

TCe 225 EDC FAP: focusing on performance and driving pleasure

Developed by Renault and Renault Sport engineers and used on the Alpine A110, the TCe 225 EDC FAP is a 1.8 four-cylinder direct-injection turbo petrol engine. It is paired with EDC dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission, responsive in any situation. Fitted with a dual-scroll turbocharger and a variable valve timing system with three positions, the engine delivers 225 HP and high torque at all revs, enhancing performance and driving pleasure.

Blue dCi 160 and 200 EDC: efficient and muscular diesel engines

The New Espace offers two high-end 2.0 Blue dCi engines manufactured in France at the Renault plant in Cléon (Normandy). They are paired with EDC dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission.

▪ Versatile, flexible and dynamic, the Blue dCi 160 EDC offers real comfort for day-to-day use. Its 360 Nm torque available from 1,500 rpm ensures excellent driving comfort.

▪ The Blue dCi 200 is a high-performance engine with 400 Nm torque available from 1,750 rpm, ensuring crisp acceleration and robust pick-up at all revs.

Both Blue dCi engines are fitted with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) pollution-control technology and the AdBlue® injection system to reduce NOx emissions. They also feature several innovations to enhance fuel economy and control CO2 emissions.

- Orianne Tamburini, photos Renault



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