SSM PF International: Honda Cadet

SSM PF International: Honda Cadet

02.10.2014: SSM Super One Rotax/Honda Round 6 – PF International 27-28 September 2014 After the timed qualifying sessions were combined it was Ollie Hall

SSM Super One Rotax/Honda Round 6 –  PF International 27-28 September 2014

After the timed qualifying sessions were combined it was Ollie Hall on the heat poles from Samra Keaton and Myles Apps.  The two title protagonists Tom Canning and Kiern Jewiss were 6th and 7th.  Mark Kimber, Canning and Apps took the heat wins. 

In the first final Canning tried to slice past Apps at the chicane but Apps stayed ahead but briefly as Harry Thompson then Jewiss took command. Thompson established himself as the pace setter and managed to stay in front until the chequer despite pressure from Jewiss after he had taken Alex Lloyd. 

Canning had fallen to seventh then was hit with a five place penalty.  Although he appealed, meaning the second final was shifted to the last race of the day, the penalty stuck putting him back behind Jewiss in the title race.  Running second behind Thompson, Jewiss was hung out to dry at the first hairpin putting him down in sixth. 

Although he leapfrogged Kimber, Canning was storming up and overtook Jewiss as the latter went on a grassy trip out of the hairpins.  That reversed the title positions, Jewiss only recovering to eighth when the race was stopped early to deal with a fire on an overturned kart. 

Kimber had won, but a second placed Canning had the title over a disappointed Jewiss, who said he had been hit off at the second hairpin. “I couldn’t have done it without Mark (Kimber)’s help,” exclaimed Canning.  And Kimber, who had taken third in the series, added that it would be his last race in the class.


Honda Cadet, Final 1 (15 laps)
1 Harry Thompson (Project One) 17m 13.95s; 2 Kiern Jewiss 1 (Tonykart) +0.03s; 3 Alex Lloyd 48 (Zip); 4 Myles Apps 0 (Zip); 5 Thomas Pegram 31 (BRK); 6 Keaton Samra 10 (Zip).

Honda Cadet, Final 2 (11 laps)
1 Mark Kimber GP (BRK) 12m 38.22s; 2 Tom Canning 7 (BRK) +0.07s; 3 Apps; 4 Ben Kasperczak 35 (CRG); 5 Dragan Pinsent 98 (Project One); 6 Pegram.

Final provisional championship standings
: 1 Tom Canning 734; 2 Kiern Jewiss 728; 3 Mark Kimber 727; 4 Myles Apps 711; 5 Harry Thompson 696; 6 Keaton Samra 645; 7 Thomas Pegram 640; 8 Dragan Pinsent 627; 9 Alex Lloyd 623; 10 Zak Rogers 606

Graham Smith, TSR Productions , photo


02.10.2014 / MaP

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