Molitor Racing Systems secures best team result of season at Norisring.

Molitor Racing Systems secures best team result of season at Norisring.

01.07.2015: Following a string of warm and sunny days, the weather turned for its worst

Following a string of warm and sunny days, the weather turned for its worst just in time for Saturday´s qualifying session. The rain was coming and going, making the 35-minute session to a gamble. Christian Engelhart set the third and fifth fastest time in his #14 MRS-Porsche.

The Australian Spike Goddard qualified in 17th and 19th, but due to his racing accident at the previous round at Lausitzring, Spike was penalised and forced to drop three places on the grid. The local hero Elia Erhart only managed to qualify in 20th position for both races.

The sun came out again for the 26-lap race on Saturday afternoon and after two formation laps, the race was started on dry tyres. Engelhart had a good start, but suffered a flat spot on his tyre on lap one already. This made it almost impossible for the Ingolstadt-based racer to keep hold of his position. He had to let both Philipp Eng and Connor de Phillippi pass by him.

Erhart had one of the best drives in recent times and clearly took advantage of his home race: Starting from P19, he impressed with great overtaking and stood the pressure by Sean Johnston right until the end, to come home in a fantastic 11th place.

Goddard also experienced an exciting race. From 20 on the grid, he had already overtaking three cars on the first lap. His great run continued until he had a lucky escape when kissing the “Wall of Fame”. The #15 MRS-Porsche did not suffer any damage apart from a few scratches.

The 22-year-old remained competitive and after both Rolf Ineichen and Christopher Zöchling were given drive-through-penalties, the Australian moved up into 13th place. Following the late disqualification of Cairoli, all three drivers moved up one place to bring home the best team result of the year with a fourth, tenth and 12 place.

The seventh round of the German championship took place on Sunday. Engelhart had a good start into the 35-lap race and fought his way up into fourth. Elia Erhart once again had a good run and finished in 15th place, but he could have been higher up if Mike Halder had not turned him around going into the hairpin. Spike Goddard had a great nose-to-tail battle with Pepe Massot and finished the race in position 17.

„I am very satisfied with the results this weekend“, said Christian Engelhart. “A podium is always nice, but we got the best out of our starting positions. I am especially pleased since the Norisring is not one of my favourite race tracks and it is fairly easy to damage your car heavily if you are not careful. Therefore, we did everything right, we secured a lot of very important points for the championship and I am looking forward to the next rounds.”

Next Race  11th July 2015  Zandvoort

Astrid Lang- photos MRS


01.07.2015 / MaP

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