Team Yamaha MGM Reunites at Hockenheim for IDM Races

Team Yamaha MGM Reunites at Hockenheim for IDM Races

24.09.2015: Team Yamaha MGM looks forward to this weekend's Superbike*IDM International

Team Yamaha MGM looks forward to this weekend's Superbike*IDM International German Championship showdown at Hockenheimring Baden-Würtemberg where regular riders Max Neukirchner and Damian Cudlin are set to make their comeback during the final races of the 2015 season.

Team Yamaha MGM is eager to welcome back Neukirchner and Cudlin and finish the season off with good results after an injury-filled period.

Neukirchner broke the femoral neck of his right leg back in June due to a race crash at the Nürburgring and directly underwent surgery. The German had already damaged the same femoral neck some years ago in a Superbike World Championship crash, which increased the length of his recovery period. He made sure not to rush back into action too quickly.

In preparation for the final Superbike*IDM round of the season the 32 year old tested his fitness at the Hockenheimring during a four day test with his Team Yamaha MGM and got back into the rhythm when he took part in the 24-hour Bol d'Or race last weekend.

Teammate Cudlin suffered an injury to the rotator cuff of his left shoulder just one race weekend after Neukirchner was benched. The Australian decided to head back to his homeland to receive medical care. His doctor's advice was not to have surgery on his shoulder but rather to let it heal in the long term.

This meant that, like his teammate, Cudlin was unable to participate in the races at Schleizer Dreieck and Assen. Now, more than 11 weeks later, he returns to Europe to test his physical condition for the first time since the accident, during the first free practice on Friday.

Despite their forced rest-period, the Team Yamaha MGM teammates hold sixth and seventh place in the championship. With two races to be held in Hockenheim, they still have a chance to finish in the top five in the final standings.

The Hockenheimring was built in 1930 and two years later the first motorcycle race in Hockenheim got under way. For this small town, it marked the beginning of plenty of racing history that made its name famous throughout the world.

As the old circuit was 6.8 km with various sections running through dense woods, which were inaccessible for spectators, plans to redesign the circuit were forged in 1999. Work began three years later and resulted in a shorter circuit with more overtaking possibilities and new stands, offering an even better experience for a maximum of 120,000 spectators.

Max Neukirchner
Championship: 6th, 101 points

"After ten weeks of being injured we tested for four days in Hockenheim, except for one day that was lost because of rain. At the end of the test I was feeling really well and was also able to do the kind of lap times I was expecting of myself. I really look forward to the upcoming weekend.

This year I only took part in four race weekends and had to skip nearly half the season. I'm really happy to be back racing in Superbike*IDM. I don't expect something particularly special this weekend. I want to try my hardest and then we will see where I'm at, also in terms of results."

Damian Cudlin
Championship: 7th, 70 points

"Of course I'm excited to be coming back for the final round in Hockenheim, these weeks of recovery felt like forever, so I can't wait to ride again. I like the Hockenheim circuit, the last time I raced IDM there, in 2012, I won, so it's been kind to me in the past.

For sure it won't be very easy this year as I've had a long time off the bike and I also missed the test that Max and some other riders had there recently, but I am really motivated to finish the season on a high note. I've worked hard during my recovery and I'm willing to put it all on the line again to lift us back up to the front."

Michael Galinski - Team Yamaha MGM Team Manager

"We are happy to have the complete crew together again. Luck wasn't really on our side this year, so we're looking forward to being able to start the race weekend again with our two regular riders. I think both are not at a 100 per cent level of fitness yet.

I still hope we'll be able to tackle the podium with Max and I'm also sure Damian will do well. As opposed to Max, Damian didn't test before coming here, so we don't know what to expect of him. The main thing is we're able to finish the season with our regular riders, we're more than happy about that fact."

-Yamaha Amsterdam also photo


24.09.2015 / MaP

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