Stage 12 in Sweden - notes and quotes

Stage 12 in Sweden - notes and quotes

17.02.2018: WRC RALLYES 2018 SWEDEN RALLY Saturday, February 17th, 2018 Sat 13:38 - Sweden WRC2 after SS12 1.Katsuta 2h04m23.5s, 2.Tidemand +8.1s, 3.Veiby +11.4s, 4.Arai +49.4s, 5.Adielsson +1m17.4s. Tuohino snow bank delay

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Sat 13:38 - Sweden WRC2 after SS12

1.Katsuta 2h04m23.5s, 2.Tidemand +8.1s, 3.Veiby +11.4s, 4.Arai +49.4s, 5.Adielsson +1m17.4s. Tuohino snow bank delay

Overall standings after stage 12

1.     BEL T. NEUVILLE    
2.     IRL C. BREEN     +4.6
3.     NOR A. MIKKELSEN     +20.2
4.     NZL H. PADDON     +20.4
5.     NOR M. OSTBERG     +33.0
6.     FIN E. LAPPI     +42.7
7.     FIN J. LATVALA     +1:18.3
8.     EST O. TÄNAK     +1:18.8
9.     FIN T. SUNINEN     +1:37.5
10.     GBR K. MEEKE     +2:15.4
11.     FRA S. OGIER     +3:31.1
12.     GBR E. EVANS     +3:39.1
13.     JPN T. KATSUTA     +6:20.6
14.     SWE P. TIDEMAND     +6:28.7
15.     NOR O. VEIBY     +6:32.0

Sat 13:35 - SS12: WRC 2 Abbring

He completes with the loss of 6min and it's clear to see he has been off. His fiesta has frontal damage and steam is billowing from under the bonnet. Abbring drives off to investigate.

Sat 13:31 - SS12: WRC2 Abbring

WRC live tracking shows his Ford Fiesta R5 stopped at 16.8km. He had been seventh in WRC 2.

Sat 13:26 - SS12: WRC 2 Tidemand

One-tenth slower than Katsuta on stage, and Tidemand remains second in the WRC 2 standings, 8.1sec off the lead.

Sat 13:24 - SS12: WRC 2 Veiby

"I had a good push here, maybe too hard because I went wide in places. It's a hard battle."

Sat 13:23 - SS12: WRC 2 Katsuta

"Good to be back in the lead but it's not easy in these complicated conditions. I tried to push but at the same time I made three mistakes. The feeling was not so good."

Sat 13:21 - SS12: Neuville

1.3sec slower than Breen, Neuville's rally lead over Breen how just 4.6sec. "An okay run. He has two spare tyres and we have only one. We knew we would lose some because of that but I will have fresh tyres for later in the loop."

Sat 13:19 - SS12: Mikkelsen

Third quickest, 1.4sec slower than Paddon and his Kiwi rival is now just four-tenths adrift in the standings. "A nice fight. One mistake here but other than that a clean stage. The lines in the road from the car in front were crazy, he's pushing hard."

Sat 13:16 - SS12: Paddon

Second quickest. "Better, but it's more difficult today. The rear-wheel-drive cars have created ruts, and I can't place the car where I want to."

Sat 13:14 - SS12: Breen

Quickest so far. "A little bit yee-haa! over the jump. So much fun!"

Sat 13:14 - SS12: Ostberg

Third quickest. "I have a lot of movement. I'm trying my best but I cannot find the right feeling. I don't know what thing to change. I'm looking for the right feeling, but I'm looking for a feeling I cannot find."

Sat 13:11 - SS12: Suninen

6.3sec quicker than Meeke. "Now it feels a bit better but the conditions are difficult, no ice for the rear tyres and we are sliding about. Can Kris catch me? Let's see."

Sat 13:09 - SS12: Lappi

Quickest so far. "Good, good. A few mistakes, not crazy big ones, otherwise quite a clean stage."

Sat 13:08 - SS12: Latvala

7.5sec slower than Tanak here and Latvala is now just half a second ahead in the standings. "We had a very bad time. I don't know how Ott can be so quick. An incredible time. I can't stop him. He's doing really well."

Sat 13:04 - SS12: Tanak

Fastest so far. "I'm trying, but the conditions seem to be the same as yesterday. It's very tough. We benefit from a few cars ahead but it's a big problem."

Sat 13:03 - SS12: Meeke

"Suninen is dropping back a bit, so maybe I have the opportunity to take a point here. The roads on this loops will clean a lot. I expect the guys behind will annihilate our times."

Sat 13:00 - SS12: Evans

Quickest through so far and The Welshman is just 8sec behind Ogier in the standings. "The car set-up is better but the conditions are still difficult. The road is improving with every car."

Sat 12:58 - SS12: Ogier

37.3sec quicker than Solberg here. "We're going to lose a lot of time here. We had some fun this morning at least."

Sat 12:57 - SS12: Solberg

Through in 11m01.9s. "Not easy to drive first - I'm not in this position normally. Ogier told me "you'll see"."

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17.02.2018 / MaP

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