NASCAR Whelen Euro Series - Elite 1 race 2 Brands Hatch classification

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series - Elite 1 race 2 Brands Hatch classification

02.06.2019: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series - Elite 1 Brands Hatch RACE 2 (Event Race 12) Sunday, June 2nd 2019 1 3 1 Frederic GABILLON RDV Competition (FRA) Chevrolet SS 38 39:07.129 70.40 50.590 13

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series - Elite 1
Brands Hatch
RACE 2 (Event Race 12)
Sunday, June 2nd 2019

1 3 1 Frederic GABILLON  RDV Competition (FRA) Chevrolet SS 38 39:07.129 70.40 50.590 13

2 11 2 Stienes LONGIN (BEL) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:07.413 0.284 0.284 70.39 50.649 12 PK Carsport

3 54 3 Alon DAY (ISR) Chevrolet SS 38 39:08.196 1.067 0.783 70.37 50.649 27 CAAL Racing

4 77 4 Alexander GRAFF (SWE) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:08.648 1.519 0.452 70.35 50.703 31 Memphis Racing

5 48 5 Ander VILARINO (ESP) Ford Mustang 38 39:08.872 1.743 0.224 70.35 50.681 29 Racing Engineering

6 88 6 Romain IANNETTA (FRA) Ford Mustang 38 39:09.477 2.348 0.605 70.33 50.731 33 Racing Engineering

7 9 Junior 1 Gianmarco ERCOLI (ITA) Ford Mustang 38 39:09.897 2.768 0.420 70.32 50.462 29 Racers Motorsport

8 32 7 Jacques VILLENEUVE (CAN) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:11.429 4.300 1.532 70.27 50.912 26 Go Fas Racing

9 24 Junior 2 Nicolo ROCCA (ITA) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:11.810 4.681 0.381 70.26 50.510 26 PK Carsport

10 66 Junior 3 Lasse SOERENSEN (DNK) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:12.282 5.153 0.472 70.24 50.705 34 Dexwet DF1 Racing

11 12 8 Francesco SINI (ITA) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:13.004 5.875 0.722 70.22 50.638 36 Solaris Motorsport

12 50 Junior 4 Loris HEZEMANS (NLD) Ford Mustang 38 39:14.752 7.623 1.748 70.17 50.103 13 Hendriks Motorsport

13 27 Junior 5 Thomas FERRANDO (FRA) Ford Mustang 38 39:16.758 9.629 2.006 70.11 50.995 32 Alex Caffi Motorsport

14 36 Junior 6 Ulysse DELSAUX (FRA) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:18.016 10.887 1.258 70.07 50.881 35 RDV Competition

15 64 Junior 7 Arroyo Salvador TINEO (ESP) Chevrolet SS 38 39:20.157 13.028 2.141 70.01 51.228 13 Speedhouse 64

16 23 Chal 1 Henri TUOMAALA (FIN) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:21.324 14.195 1.167 69.98 51.126 14 Memphis Racing

17 69 9 Sebastiaan BLEEKEMOLEN (NLD) Ford Mustang 38 39:21.876 14.747 0.552 69.96 51.222 27 Team Bleekemolen

18 8 Chal 2 Dario CASO (ITA) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:22.460 15.331 0.584 69.94 51.058 29 Racers Motorsport

19 78 10 Marc GOOSSENS (BEL) Ford Mustang 38 39:24.541 17.412 2.081 69.88 50.960 14 Braxx Racing

20 90 Junior 8 Alex SEDGWICK (GBR) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:25.361 18.232 0.820 69.86 50.914 12 Braxx Racing

21 2 Chal 3 Kenko MIURA (JPN) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:25.665 18.536 0.304 69.85 51.367 29 Alex Caffi Motorsport

22 19 Chal 4 Simone LAURETI (ITA) Ford Mustang 38 39:30.799 23.670 5.134 69.70 51.588 38 Racers Motorsport

23 99 Chal 5 Ellen LOHR (DEU) Chevrolet Camaro 38 39:31.254 24.125 0.455 69.68 51.208 30 Dexwet DF1 Racing

24 33 11 Lucas LASSERRE (FRA) Chevrolet Camaro 36 37:28.807 2 Laps 2 Laps 69.61 50.851 29 Mishumotors

25 70 Junior 9 Eric FILGUEIRAS (USA) Chevrolet SS 33 39:32.387 5 Laps 3 Laps 60.48 50.843 30 Mishumotors

26 46 Junior 10 Ant WHORTON-EALES (GBR) Chevrolet Camaro 23 26:26.694 15 Laps 10 Laps 63.03 51.086 15 Marko Stipp Motorsport AmD Tuning

27 1 Chal 6 Jennifer Jo COBB (USA) Ford Mustang 13 14:52.139 25 Laps 10 Laps 63.36 53.815 11 Alex Caffi Motorsport

28 31 Chal 7 Mauro TRIONE (CHE) Chevrolet SS 1 1:02.416 37 Laps 12 Laps 69.67 1:02.416 1 CAAL Racing


NC 98 Chal Eric DE DONCKER (BEL) Ford Mustang 0
Motorsport 98


50 Junior Loris HEZEMANS (NLD) Ford Mustang 13 50.103 86.79 mph 139.68 kph
Hendriks Motorsport

3 Frederic GABILLON (FRA) Chevrolet SS 13 50.590 85.95 mph 138.33 kph
RDV Compétition

8 Chal Dario CASO (ITA) Chevrolet Camaro 29 51.058 85.16 mph 137.06 kph
Racers Motorsport

These results are provisional until the conclusion of any judicial and technical matters.

Gian Luca Guiglia, photo NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Stephane Azemard


02.06.2019 / MaP

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