24h Dubai qualifying GT result by class

24h Dubai qualifying GT result by class

14.01.2021: 16th Hankook 24H DUBAI 2021 14 - 16 January 2021 Qualifying GT Dubai - 5390 mtr. Thursday, January 14th 2021 GT3-PRO - GT3 Cars photo GTX pole position 1 92 Herberth Motorsport Porsche - 911 GT3 R (991 I I) 1:56.553 9 166.48 Precote Herb

16th Hankook 24H DUBAI 2021
14 - 16 January 2021
Qualifying GT
Dubai - 5390 mtr.
Thursday, January 14th 2021

photo GTX pole position

GT3-PRO - GT3 Cars

1 92 Herberth Motorsport Porsche - 911 GT3 R (991 I I) 1:56.553 9 166.48
Precote Herberth Motorsport
10 Häring-Triller-Kolb-Müller-Bachler

2 7 DINAMIC MOTORSPORT Porsche - 911 GT3 R (991 I I) 1:56.693 6 0.140 0.140 166.28
13 Pampanini-Calamia-Monaco-Cairoli

3 63 GRT Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini - Huracán GT3 Evo 2019 1:57.126 4 0.573 0.433 165.67
GRT Grasser Racing Team
11 Ineichen-Amstutz-Bortolotti-Breukers

4 36 GPX Racing Porsche - 911 GT3 R (991 I I) 1:57.202 3 0.649 0.076 165.56
Grand Prix Extreme
9 Jefferies-Fatien-Jaminet-A ndlauer-Ferté

5 4 HRT Bilstein Mercedes-AMG - GT3 Evo 2020 1:57.573 6 1.020 0.371 165.04
HRT 13
Haupt-Engel-A ssenheimer-Ratcliffe-A l Qubaisi

6 99 Attempto Racing Audi - R8 LMS GT3 Evo 2019 1:57.749 3 1.196 0.176 164.79
Attempto Racing
11 Mies-Winkelhock-Hutchison-A ka -Sager

7 31 WRT Audi - R8 LMS GT3 Evo 2019 1:57.980 10 1.427 0.231 164.47
Team WRT
13 Vanthoor-van der Linde-Machiels-Goethe-Bird

8 83 Racetivity Mercedes-AMG - GT3 Evo 2020 1:58.323 11 1.770 0.343 163.99
Francois Perrodo
11 Perrodo-Samani-Collard-Vaxiviere

GT3-AM - GT3 Cars

1 91 Herberth Motorsport Porsche - 911 GT3 R (991 I I) 1:57.264 5 165.47
Precote Herberth Motorsport
13 Allemann-Bohn-Renauer-Renauer

2 5 HRT Mercedes-AMG - GT3 Evo 2020 1:57.290 9 0.026 0.026 165.44
HRT 11
Al Qubaisi-Pierburg-Scholze-Bastian-A ssenheimer

3 72 Inception Racing by Optimum McLaren - 720S GT3 1:57.815 8 0.551 0.525 164.70
11 Iribe-Millroy-Moss-Osborne

4 93 Herberth Motorsport Porsche - 911 GT3 R (991 I I) 1:58.033 5 0.769 0.218 164.39
Precote Herberth Motorsport

5 19 MP Motorsport Mercedes-AMG - GT3 (2019) 1:58.414 5 1.150 0.381 163.87
MP Motorsport
13 De Jong-de Jong-de Heus-van Lagen

6 34 Car Collection Motorsport Audi - R8 LMS GT3 Evo 2019 1:58.735 12 1.471 0.321 163.42
Car Collection Motorsport
13 Dr. Kirchhoff-Edelhoff-Grimm-Edelhoff

7 13 Team Zakspeed Dodge - SRT V iper GT3-R 1:59.502 2 2.238 0.767 162.37
Team Zakspeed
4 Still-Kireev-Stolyarov-Shaytar-Lauck

8 85 CP Racing Mercedes-AMG - GT3 Evo 2020 1:59.809 8 2.545 0.307 161.96
CP Racing
12 Putman-Espenlaub-Foster-Lewis

DNS 88 Car Collection Motorsport Audi - R8 LMS GT3 Evo 2019
Car Collection Motorsport Dontje-Holmgaard-Lechmann-Müller-Stengel

GTX - Special GT cars

1 708 Gt 3 Poland Lamborghini - Huracán Super Trofeo 2:01.659 4 159.49
GT 3 Poland
5 Moczulski-Lewandowski-Mikrut-Kowalski-Opiola

2 710 Leipert Motorsport Lamborghini - Huracán Super Trofeo 2:02.061 8 0.402 0.402 158.97
Leipert Motorsport
13 Gorski -Watzinger-Thiel-Lee-Leib

3 701 Vortex V8 Vortex - 1.0 2:03.259 9 1.600 1.198 157.42
Philippe Bonnel
10 Bonnel-Amrouche-Gaillard-V arutti

4 707 ARC Bratislava Lamborghini - Huracán Super Trofeo 2:05.202 8 3.543 1.943 154.98
ARC Bratislava
13 Konopka- Konopka -Jonuš is-Padovani-Mikulasko

991 - Porsche 991-I Cup & Porsche 991-II Cup

1 909 DUWO Racing Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:01.608 4 159.56
DUWO Racing
6 Mukovoz-Sidoruk-Peregudov-Pereira

2 928 HRT Performance Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:01.692 3 0.084 0.084 159.45
HRT Performance
11 Köhler-Behrens-Citignola-Freymuth-Littman

3 924 PROFILDOORS by Huber Racing Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:02.417 7 0.809 0.725 158.51
PROFILDOORS by Huber Racing
9 ten Voorde-Melnikov-Mekvabishvili-Rindone-Hoffsümmer

4 989 MRS GT-Racing Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:02.456 4 0.848 0.039 158.46
MRS GT-Racing
11 Bleekemolen-Pappas-A lameri-Honkavuori

5 929 HRT Performance Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:04.001 5 2.393 1.545 156.48
HRT Performance
12 Hauschild-Harmsen-Gadetskii-Freymuth-Littman

6 991 NKPP Racing by Bas Koeten Racing Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:06.021 5 4.413 2.020 153.97
Bas Koeten Racing
9 Hilders-Voerman-Bessem-Herber

7 979 Speed Lover Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:06.244 9 4.636 0.223 153.70
Rolph Lietart
11 Lietart-Mouez-Hensen-Wils-van Hover

8 978 Speed Lover Porsche - 991-I I Cup 2:07.395 12 5.787 1.151 152.31
Olivier Dons
13 Dons-Paque-Blanchemain-Ooms-van Hover

GT4 - GT4 Homologated cars

1 438 ST Racing BMW - M4 GT4 2:08.824 2 150.62
Samantha Tan
5 Tan-Hull-Miller-Wittmer

2 488 Dragon Racing Mercedes-AMG - GT4 2:08.897 11 0.073 0.073 150.54
Dragon Racing
12 Remenyako-Christodoulou-Hartshorne-Hancock

3 401 PROsport Racing Aston Martin - Vantage AMR GT4 2:09.337 8 0.513 0.440 150.03
PROsport Racing
9 Verdonck-Gillion-Lemeret-Matthiesen-Schöll

4 452 Team A via Sorg Rennsport BMW - M4 GT4 2:13.034 6 4.210 3.697 145.86
Team A via Sorg Rennsport
10 Pires-Macedo-Calheiros-Magalhães-Brookes

DNS 451 3Y Technology BMW - M4 GT4
Team A via Sorg Rennsport Vannelet-Lallement-Almeida-Piemonte-Sørensen

Laptime(s) disallowed due to track limits: #7 (L3 : 1:157.079), #19 (L8 : 1:58.336) #72 (L3 : 1:58.459) #83 (L7 : 1:58.268), #91 (L10 : 1:56.997), #92 (L2 : 1:56.980, L5 : 1:56.842), #979 (L5 : 2:06.124), #989 (L8 : 2:01.814, L9 : 2:02.178)

 RSTime by TimeService.nl - photo Creventic

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14.01.2021 / MaP

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Lloyd set for a return to GT racing with Dubai 24-hour appearance
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More than 50 entrants confirmed for 2021 Hankook 24H DUBAI
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Team Avia Sorg Rennsport runs 2 BMW M4GT4 in 24h Dubai 2021 to defend the championship titles in the 24h Series
Team AVIA Sorg Rennsport will take their 2 BMW M4 GT4s to the Dubai 24h race in January. The endurance race of the 24h Series (Creventic) will be held under strict hygiene regulations from January, 14 to 16 2021 at the Dubai Autodrome. The goal of The Sorg Brothers, more >>
Provisional entry list for 24h Dubai 2021
Hankook 24h Dubai 202114-15-16 January 2021199 AC Motorsport BEL Audi RS3 LMS DSGGT3 4 HRT GER Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo 2020GT3 6 HRT GER Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo 2020GT3 13 Team Zakspeed GER Dodge SRT Viper GT3-RGT3 19 MP Moto more >>
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With the 2020 24H SERIES season finale at Mugello still visible in our rear view mirrors, work is already well underway for January’s Hankook 24H DUBAI with the first freight containers already loaded and many of our international competitors’ equipment already en-route to the Middle East. more >>
24H DUBAI 2021 provisional entry list
24h DUBAI 202114-15-16 January 2021GT3-AM 19 MP Motorsport NED Mercedes-AMG GT3 (2019)GT3 3 T3-HRT Motorsport GER Bentley Continental GT3GT3 4 Haupt Racing Team GER Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo 2020GT3 5 T3-HRT Motorsport GER Bentley Continenta more >>
24h Dubai: Race aborted due to heavy rain
Only around seven hours of the 24-hour race in Dubai (UAE) were completed after heavy rain started at 22:17 local time, making it impossible to continue the season opener of the 24H SERIES. In the TCX and TC classes, the ACP and Avia Sorg Rennsport teams, with their BMW M240i R more >>
BMW, Sorg Rennsport, De los Milagros and his teammates shine in Dubai's perfect storm
The Spaniard perfectly worked together with Sorg Rennsport-run BMW M4 GT4 and teaming up with Björn Simon, Stephen Epp, Paul Sieljes and Ahmed Al Melaihi played a key role in the GT4 class during the 15th edition of the 24 hours of Dubai. more >>
BLACK FALCON takes victory in 24 hours Dubai
BLACK FALCON has won the 15th edition of the 24 hours race in Dubai. Khaled Al Qubaisi (UAE), Ben Barker (UK), Jeroen Bleekemolen (NL), Hubert Haupt (DE) and Manuel Metzger (DE) had gained a little more than four and a half minutes lead with their Mercedes-AMG GT3 #4 thanks to a strong performance at the wheel and a perfect strategy of the team in difficult and changeable weather conditions, wh more >>
Missed opportunity for KCMG as 24h Dubai is suspended
KC Motorgroup Ltd. (KCMG) displayed race-winning potential in the first half of the 2020 Dubai 24 Hours, but its march to the front of the field was halted by a red flag for torrential rain. The persistent conditions meant the race was not resumed.  more >>
Overall and class wins for Mercedes-AMG in rain chaos of the Dubai 24 Hours
With the overall win and two further class wins in the Dubai 24-hour race, Mercedes-AMG Motorsport is celebrating the 2020 season opener, also the start of the tenth anniversary year of its Customer Racing programme. BLACK FALCON wins the chaotic rain race that had to be stopped after a little over seven hours, scoring the fifth victory for Mercedes-AMG with earlier wins for the SLS AMG GT3 in more >>
Mathieu Detry 24h Dubai review
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AC Motorsport Audi takes Hankook 24H DUBAI TCE honours in the rain
 Belgian team AC Motorsport claimed its maiden Hankook 24H DUBAI TCE division win in a race that was shortened to 7h17m due to torrential rain. After the decision not to continue the race for safety reasons, the team’s Audi RS 3 LMS (#188, Stéphane Perrin / Vincent Radermecker / Tom Boonen / Gilles Magnus / Matthew Taskinen) was classified as the winner. more >>
Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG wins rain-shortened 15th Hankook 24H DUBAI, results
The Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 with starting number 4 and drivers Khaled Al Qubaisi from the UAE, Ben Barker from the UK, Hubert Haupt and Manuel Metzger from Germany and Jeroen Bleekemolen from The Netherlands was confirmed as the winner of the 15th edition of the Hankook 24H DUBAI. For the first time in the event’s history, the full duration couldn’t be completed. more >>
Two podium finishes and class victory for Audi Sport in Dubai
Dubai 24 Hours stopped due to heavy rain        Podiums for Car Collection Motorsport and MS7 by WRT        Class victory for AC Motorsport with Audi RS 3 LMS photo more >>
24h Dubai suspended due to heavy rainfall
At  22.17, extremely heavy rainfall in Dubai let to a red flag being shown to the competitors of the HANKOOK 24H DUBAI 2020. The weather conditions have heavily impacted the entire city and the infrastructures of Dubai Autodrome.Despite the best effort of Dubai Autodrome st more >>
KCMG show impressive pace in opening half of 24h Dubai
•    KCMG driver Andy Yan sets fastest lap on board #122 Honda Civic Type R TCR•    Race suspended after heavy rain KC Motorgroup Ltd. (KCMG) showed race-winning pace in the first half of the Dubai 24 more >>
24 Dubai standings after around 13 hours - Black Falcon Mercedes in lead
24h DUBAI 2020Dubai AutodromeFriday, January 10th 202013 hours remaining    Khaled Al Qubaisi in #4 Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 2016 stays in lead as Duwo Luxembourg's Dylan Pereira stay also in 21st. more >>
24h Dubai standings after 11 hours race - Black Falcon still in lead, Duwo 21st
24h DUBAI 2020Dubai AutodromeFriday, January 10th 202013 hours remaining    Khaled Al Qubaisi in #4 Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3 2016 stays in lead as Duwo Luxembourg's Pereira is now on 21st. more >>
24h Dubai Standings after 8 hours race - Black Falcon Mercedes on top
24h DUBAI 2020Dubai AutodromeFriday, January 10th 202016h03 hours remaining    #4 Black Falcon's Khaled Al Qubaisi in a Mercedes-AMG GT3 2016 leads - Luxembourg team DUWO with now Dylan Pereira is on 22nd. more >>
Spectacular racing in opening hours Hankook 24H DUBAI
At 15.00 hrs local time, His Highness Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum waved the flag of the United Arab Emirates to send the 65-car field underway for the 15th running of the Hankook 24H DUBAI. Once again, the original endurance race in the Gulf region serves as the season opener of the 24H SERIES powered by Hankook and has attracted a packed field of GTs and touring cars featuring teams and more >>
24h Dubai standings after 6h race - Black Falcon in lead, Duwo at 22
24h DUBAI Dubai AutodromeFriday, January 10th 2020To go: 18 h             #4 Ben Barker on Black Falcon Mercedes leads after 6 hours race in Dubai. Luxembourg team DUWO Racing is on 22nd place now Dylan Pereira at the wheel of the Porsche 991-II Cup more >>
24h Dubai standings after 3h race - Barwell leads
24h DUBAI Dubai AutodromeFriday, January 10th 2020To go: 21 h            #77 Adrian Amstutz on Barwell Motorsport's Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo leads for the moment after 3 hours race in Dubai. Luxembourg team DUWO Racing with Dylan Pereira is on 23rd place with Sergey Peregudov at the wheel of more >>
24h Dubai standings after 1h45 - Car Collection Audi in lead
24h DUBAI Dubai AutodromeFriday, January 10th 2020To go: 22:45:20        Markus Winkelhock leads the field in 24 Hours of Dubai in the Car Collection Audi - Duwo Racing Luxembourg with Dylan Pereira was on 10th place.       more >>
24h Dubai GT and TCE qualifying results overall and by class
15th 24 Dubai 2020Dubai AutodromeThursday, January 9th  2020 Res more >>
Colin White secures second consecutive TCE pole for CWS Engineering Ginetta in Hankook 24H DUBAI
Repeating his team’s qualifying success from last year at the same venue, Colin White unleashed the full potential of his CWS Engineering Ginetta G55 (#278, Colin White / Bradley Scorer / Jean-François Brunot / Fraser Robertson / Adam Hatfield) to put the car on TCE division pole position for the 15th running of the Hankook 24H DUBAI. more >>
Maro Engel and Toksport WRT give Mercedes-AMG its first Hankook 24H DUBAI pole since 2017
German Maro Engel, a former winner of the FIA GT World Cup, hadn’t raced at Dubai Autodrome since 2017, but that didn’t prevent him from claiming the outright pole position for this week’s 15th running of the Hankook 24H DUBAI. A lap time of 1m57.490s at more >>
Bonk Motorsport startet beim 24h-Rennen Dubai in das Motorsportjahr 2020
Saisonauftakt in FernostTraditionell startet Bonk Motorsport recht früh in die Motorsportsaison. Auch 2020 tritt das Team beim 24-Stunden-Rennen in Dubai (9.-11. Januar) an, in diesem Jahr mit drei Fahrzeugen. Teamchef Michael Bon more >>


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