Laurent Rossi, CEO Alpine - Alain Prost, Patt Fry and Remy Taffin

Laurent Rossi, CEO Alpine - Alain Prost, Patt Fry and Remy Taffin

02.03.2021: Laurent Rossi CEO Alpine Laurent was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Alpine in January 2021. He will report to Luca De Meo, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Renault. He is a graduate of ENSEEIHT and IFP School / ENSPM. He began his career

Laurent Rossi
CEO Alpine

Laurent was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Alpine in January 2021.

He will report to Luca De Meo, Chief Executive Officer of Groupe Renault. He is a graduate of ENSEEIHT and IFP School / ENSPM. He began his career in 2000 at Renault, in the mechanical engineering department.

In 2009, after obtaining an MBA from Harvard Business School, he was recruited by the Boston Consulting Group, where he worked in the New York office as an automotive expert.

In 2012, he joined Google, where he was in charge of developing business relations with key accounts in the automotive industry. He then returned to Renault in 2018 and was appointed Director of Strategy & Business Development for Groupe Renault.

Alain Prost
Special Advisor

Alain is Special Advisor to the team, remaining in the role he has held since 2017.

Four-time Formula 1 world champion, Alain, is a legend in the sport, having won 51 races across 202 Grand Prix starts throughout the 1980s and 1990s.

Alain and Renault have a long working history. Alain raced for the Equipe Renault Elf F1 Team in the early part of his F1 career, from 1981 to 1983. Over this period, he won nine races, only missing the drivers’ title in 1983 by two points. He resumed his relationship with Renault in 1993 after joining Williams. The Frenchman went on to dominate the championship with seven wins, securing his fourth and final world title in the process.

Alain is also a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Directors for Alpine F1 Team.

Chassis Technical Director

Pat joined Alpine F1 Team in February 2020 as Chassis Technical Director. Entering his second year at Enstone, Pat will look to continue to push forward the development of the A521 this season, as well as focusing on the future 2022 car ahead of the significant regulation changes coming to Formula 1.

Born in Surrey, United Kingdom, Pat has extensive experience in Formula 1 having worked for McLaren, Ferrari, Manor and Benetton since entering into a career in the sport in 1987.

He first began at Benetton in the team’s Research and Development Department in Witney working on active suspension systems. After working on the Test Team for a short period, Pat’s first racing trackside role was working as Race Engineer to Martin Brundle in 1992.

In 1993, he moved to McLaren where he would remain for 17 years, contributing to 66 Grand Prix victories, one Constructors’ Championship and three Drivers’ Championships. Pat held a number of roles at the Woking-based team beginning on the Test Team before stints as Race Engineer to Mika Häkkinen and David Coulthard. He later took on a role overseeing both team’s race cars and he was then promoted to Chief Engineer of Race Development where he played a seminal role in the success of the McLaren race team.

A move to Ferrari followed in July 2010, bringing to a close his 17 years at McLaren. He started as Assistant Technical Director and later Head of Race Track Engineering. Pat continued in lead positions at Maranello including Director of Chassis and Director of Engineering.

He left Ferrari in December 2014 but returned to Formula 1 in 2016 as Manor Racing’s Engineering Consultant. Pat then returned to McLaren in 2018 on a temporary contract as Engineering Director, aiding the team to its best Championship finish since 2012 with fourth place. Pat’s arrival at Enstone was confirmed in November 2019 and he began his current role in February 2020.

How has your time with the team been so far?

Well it wasn’t quite a normal year! I started the job towards the beginning of the year, and there was about seven weeks of getting to know the company and different departments before we all went straight into lockdown.

It was then followed by the decision to delay the 2021 rules a year and large parts of the 2020 car carrying over to now. I think the team has coped well with the stop-start nature of the last year, but there’s been a huge amount of work to effectively keep three car programs running at one time.

Have you had to adjust much in the planning of this year’s car with the impending regulation changes now coming for 2022?

The 2021 car has a large amount of enforced carryover from the 2020 car. We’ve tried to do as much as the rules allow in terms of re-designing and improving the car. This combined with some late aerodynamical rule change has led to a significant development program, and we’re in the process of delivering this to the Bahrain test and the first few races of the new season.

The delayed rule changes to 2022 and with the FIA ban on testing to this set of rules in the CFD and wind tunnels from the end of March 2020 to January of this year, meant all teams had to put their aero development on hold for next season’s cars.

We picked this up in anger like all the teams will have done from 1 January this year. This still doesn’t leave a huge amount of time to adapt to a completely new set of regulations, but we are working hard on this new era along with developments for this season.

Can we expect anything different or unusual about the car this year?

This year’s car is a logical development from 2020, with us looking to improve on the aerodynamic performance while working around the structures that have been homologated between this year and last. There are a few things that look a little different, but it’s evolution rather than revolution.                                            

What’s the atmosphere like at Enstone currently?

I think anywhere in the country feels a little strange at the moment. We have a large proportion of people working from home where possible and at the same time we have been putting the 2021 car together for the first time. This is always a challenging period at the best of times and it has certainly not been a standard winter this time around. We’ve made some good progress on developments for the car, but time will tell how we stack up with the competition.

How is the team preparing and shaping up for the 2022 regulation changes?

There’s a huge amount of work to do, our aerodynamic development program is now back up to speed after the enforced break and there has always been a constant design presence on the project in the engineering office.

There are challenges on all fronts both in terms of performance and the cost cap – the effect of which ramps up further for 2022 and then again for 2023. The whole company is taking on the challenge to shape the team for this new future in Formula 1.

Engine Technical Director

Rémi has been part of Renault’s Formula 1 involvement since 1999 and currently takes overall responsibility for the power unit developed at the Viry-Châtillon site. Rémi ensures the team of engineers produce an optimised unit that works in perfect harmony with the chassis.

After studying as a mechanical engineer at ESTACA, an engineering specialised school in Paris, Rémi’s first experience of motor-racing was in 1998 as a race engineer for Signature in Formula 3. In 1999, Rémi joined Renault working across the roll call of clients, including British American Racing as race engineer to Ricardo Zonta, Arrows as race engineer for Jos Verstappen, Benetton and Renault F1 Team.

He has worked directly with two World Champions, Jenson Button and 2021 Alpine F1 Team Driver Fernando Alonso, engineering the latter to victory in his two title-winning years in 2005 and 2006. Rémi continued his race engineering role with Heikki Kovalainen in 2007 and Alonso again in 2008.

Rémi stepped up to manage Renault F1 track activities in 2009. Then with the creation of Renault Sport F1 in 2011, he took responsibility for the on-track engine performance of Renault Sport F1’s partners. Attending all races and tests throughout the season, Rémi oversaw customer support for the Renault-powered teams and was instrumental in the four world titles secured by Red Bull Racing in the V8 era.

In 2014 he became Director of Operations, managing the teams of engineers and technicians in the dynos and assembly department at Viry and ensuring a smooth transition to track by overseeing the engineers integrated to Renault’s partner teams. Since 2016, Rémi has managed Renault’s power unit development as Engine Technical Director, leading this year’s Renault E-Tech 20B.

What changes are there to the 2021 power unit?

For 2021, there are minimal changes to last year’s power unit specification since we commit to focus on 2022 after we had to shift by one year our original 2021 program. The minimum weight requirement for the whole power unit has increased by 5kg as a cost-saving measure on material restrictions.

As always for a new season, the plan is to secure our reliability while maintaining a high level of engine performance at every race. We aim to keep integrating the engine and the chassis as best as possible to maximise the overall package.

With only one power unit upgrade allowed between now and the end of the year, what has the team planned?

There is a restriction on power unit upgrades effective from the end of 2020 to the end of 2021, which places an emphasis on extracting maximum performance consistently, straight away from the first race.

We have planned to introduce our engine upgrade, the R.E.20B from the first round of the 2021 Formula 1 season in Bahrain, which sets us up to deliver consistent performance at each and every race weekend.

There are 23 races this season – the longest ever Formula 1 championship – how challenging will that be for the team, and for the power unit?

We have done our preparations over the last months, even years, on extending reliability and performance with an eye on more races being added to the calendar. Even last season, the plan was to race 22 times over the course of the year, and we were well prepared for that scenario.

This year, it is no different. There are 23 races scheduled – we have anticipated this challenge well – and we know our package is already capable of achieving this figure. I’m looking forward to racing again this season where, more than ever, finishing races will be key to the sporting outcome. From now on, every single minute of running will count for our drivers to learn the car and get the most out of it from round one.

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