Meet the Snowcross World Champion: Interview with Peter ERICSON

17.01.2007: Meet the Snowcross World Champion: Interview with Peter ERICSON

The FIM Snowcross World Championship is about to start, and World Champion Peter Ericson is ready to defend his Title from the many challengers.

Peter Ericson is Swedish. He was born on the 1st of December 1981 in Skellefteå, where he currently lives. "Mini E-son" is a "big lad", being 1,91 metre tall and weighting 92 kilos, but this is not a disadvantage for his Snowcross riding. Ericson is a fast Snowcrosser, especially when he is on his favourite track: Klutmark.

Peter Ericson raced his first Snowcross Grand Prix in 2004. It was the season opener, and since then the Swedish Champion took part in all the following Snowcross World Championships.

He raced with Team Polaris until the end of 2005, when he finished the Championship in third place.

In 2006 he changed Team and manufacturer, and debuted with Lynx in Team BRP Racing. It was a fantastic season for the 25 year old Swedish, who grasped his maiden victory in Veysonnaz. He clinched another win before getting his first Snowcross World Title, that he will defend this year together with Lynx and the BRP Racing Team.

Peter talks:

How did you get into Snowcross?

My father has raced Motocross and Snowcross when I was a child, I thought it was really cool, and I wanted to try.

What did you do before racing Snowcross?

During my childhood I actually lived on my Bmx-bike! Me and some friends were always riding and doing stuff. I think that has helped me going into some other sports. By the way, I have also ridden Enduro and Motocross bikes since I was five.

Is Snowcross the only motor-sport that you practice?

I also race Motocross in the summer, for training.

You are a big Bmx fan. Can you tell us the story of your number 33?

The number 33 is special for me, I race with that number as much as I can, like in the Swedish Nationals and so on (in this year’s World Championship Peter will have the number one). This is the story: when we were young and riding Bmx-bikes, there was this movie called Rad, which was about a kid, living his life on his Bmx-bike. He was the "under-dog" privateer going to this big-race in his hometown, looking for sponsors to "make it into the big scene", and be a pro rider. He struggled his way up! That movie is really special for me!

You race with LYNX, the only European Snowmobiles manufacturer. How is your machine?

My Lynx is such a good sledge, I would not trade it even for a million Euros!

In 2006 you were in the top three at each round of the FIM Snowcross World Championship. Was it an easy season?

No, it was not an easy season. I did not think that it could go so well, especially at the first rounds; we had many tough competitors in the sport. It was my first year with Lynx; it was a new machine to me, but I won straight away: this proves that it is a great snowmobile!

Do you think that 2007 will be more difficult?

Definitely! First of all, we will have closer racing, thanks to this new 600cc open class, replacing the old 800cc class. New competitors are coming from the Nordic countries, where we have plenty of good snowmobile riders.

Do you have any goals for 2007?

My goal for 2007 is riding my sledge as well as I can, and staying healthy.

What can you tell us about your rivals?

Janne Tapio is a Legend, with all his victories throughout the years. Tomi Ahmasalo is an extremely good rider, but many Swedish guys, such as Emil Öhman, Daniel Olofsson, Viktor Stenman and Fredrik Granberg, are going to be very strong.


FIM Snowcross World Championship calendar

26 Jan (Fri) SWITZERLAND Veysonnaz
27 Jan (Sat) SWITZERLAND Veysonnaz
10 Feb (Sat) FINLAND Lahti
3 Mar (Sat) NORWAY Oppdal
31 Mar (Sat) SWEDEN Falun

The Snowcross meetings are organized as follows:

2 X Free Practice/2 Groups 10 minutes 20 riders per Group

1 X Qualifying Race/2 Groups 7 laps 20 riders per Group

1 X Last Chance Qualifying Practice 15 minutes All remaining non-qualified

2 X Races 12 laps 20 riders

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- Daniele RIZZI -


17.01.2007 / MaP

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