Formula BMW UK Championship - Rounds 7 and 8 - Brands Hatch - Race

06.06.2005: Formula BMW UK Championship - Rounds 7 and 8 - Brands Hatch - Race

Bird breaks his duck, Howson takes third win while Cauvin and Hankey are top Rookies.

Brands Hatch, 5 June, 2005. Matt Howson (Filsell Motorsport) has now made it three wins this season, while Sam Bird (Fortec Motorsport) claimed his first win in the series in race two and came second in race one. Meanwhile another driver celebrating was Jordan Wise (Nexa Racing) after his first podium appearance in race two alongside Sam and Ross Curnow (Promatecme/Soper Sport). The final podium spot of the day went to Oliver Turvey (Team SWR Locktite) for third in race one.

For Matt this result was important to keep his championship hopes alive. He came into the Brands meeting with a three point lead over Stian Sørlie (Fortec Motorsport) and now goes to Oulton Park with a four point lead over Sam Bird.

Euan Hankey (Barwell Motorsport) had a fight for his fourth Rookie Cup win of the season in race one, but in race two Dominique Cauvin (Motaworld Racing) had no such problems and finished up five places in front of second placed Euan. However, the French driver did not have a good start to the weekend, having qualified way down the grid for race one after a technical problem and then being involved in an incident that caused the Safety Car to be deployed.

Sam Bird had lots of things to smile about after the race. "I didn't think the win was going to feel this good. I hope this has opened the flood gates and more will now come," he said. However, he also explained his manager, Mark Blundell, had just rung to confirm his earlier promise of a new suit when he won his first race, so he is off shopping next week for something expensive from Armani. Matt knew race two was going to be difficult as his comment after race one was: "It is important to qualify well here. I was able to control race one but Sam was pressuring me the whole time. Race two from sixth on the grid was never going to be easy and so I just wanted to make sure I got some points.

Although Dominique's English is not that good yet, he was still able to explain that a good start had helped him and also a well balanced car had made his task easier for his Rookie win. For Euan getting by Michael Meadows (Master Motorsport) at the start of race one had been important. "I was able to lead the class from the grid and then followed Nathan for a while. I had to keep Jonathan at bay but Michael going off meant the pressure from behind suddenly lessened", he said.

Matt Howson made sure of a good start for race one and led from start to finish. He was pressurised all through the race by Sam Bird, with Oliver Turvey close behind. There were some action behind with Jonathan Legris suffering from bent steering from early on in the race and fellow Rookie Michael Meadows making a mistake and spinning off while chasing Euan. However it was the incident involving Dominique Cauvin that brought the safety car out at the end of lap 13. At the re-start it was status quo for the top positions, but Matt was aware that Oliver's car was going to be stronger at the end of the race so could not relax.

Sam Bird was the driver to make the good start from pole for race two, and like Matt was able to stay there until the chequered flag. However, he was never able to relax as his wing mirrors were filled with Jordan's car for the entire race and as they crossed the finish line there was less than a tenth in it. Brands is not a good place for overtaking so very little action happened further down the field. However, Michael Meadows and Aaron Steele (Mark Burdett Motorsport) did have an off track excursion on lap 15 while both going for the same piece of tarmac.


Results - Round 7 - 25 Laps

1 Matt Howson (GBR) (Filsell Motorsport): 22:03.837

2 Sam Bird (GBR) (Fortec Motorsport): 22:04.142

3 Oliver Turvey (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 22:04.681

4 Ross Curnow (GBR) (Promatecme/Soper Sport): 22:05.502

5 Dean Smith (GBR) (Nexa Racing): 22:02.945

6 Simon Walker-Hansell (GBR) (Carlin Motorsport): 22:07.454

7 Jordan Wise (GBR) (Nexa Racing): 22:07.662

8 Stian Sørlie (NOR) (Fortec Motorsport): 22:08.022

9 Nathan Antunes (AUS) (Motaworld Racing): 22:10.265

10 Euan Hankey (GBR) (Barwell Motorsport) R: 22:10.820

11 Jonathan Legris (GBR) (Pegasus Motorsport Int) R: 22:10.964

12 Matt Harris (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 22:12.637

13 Lars Viljoen (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 22:13.020

14 Duarte Felix da Costa (POR) (Carlin Motorsport): 22:15.451

15 Callum MacLeod (GBR) Filsell Motorsport): 22:15.702

16 Aaron Steele (GBR) (Mark Burdett Motorsport) R: 22:16.019

17 Jack Goldstraw (GBR) (Pegasus Motorsport Int): 22:18.633

18 Joe Osborne (GBR) (Nexa Racing) R: 22:19.496

19 Paul Rees (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 22:35.449

20 Niall Breen (GBR) (Barwell Motorsport): 22:11.785

Not classified

Michael Meadows (GBR) (Master Motorsport) R: 12 laps

Edward Hoy (GBR) (Mark Burdett Motorsport) R: 11 laps

Dominique Cauvin (F) (Motaworld Racing) R: 11 laps

Chris Holmes (GBR) (Fortec Motorsport): 10 laps

Fastest Lap

Oliver Turney (Team SWR Locktite) 47.585s 92.76mph, 149.29kph

Pole Position - Matt Howson (Filsell Motorsport) 47.071s



Results - Round 8 - 22 laps

1 Sam Bird (GBR) (Fortec Motorsport): 17:41.741

2 Jordan Wise (GBR) (Nexa Racing): 17:41.819

3 Ross Curnow (GBR) (Promatecme/Soper Sport): 17:42.405

4 Dean Smith (GBR) (Nexa Racing): 17:43.223

5 Stian Sørlie (NOR) (Fortec Motorsport): 17:45.210

6 Matt Howson (GBR) (Filsell Motorsport): 17:45.841

7 Oliver Turvey (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 17:46.289

8 Simon Walker-Hansell (GBR) (Carlin Motorsport): 17:46.708

9 Dominique Cauvin (Motaworld Racing) R: 17:40.288

10 Duarte Felix da Costa (POR) (Carlin Motorsport): 17:55.473

11 Nathan Antunes (AUS) (Motaworld Racing): 17:55.973

12 Callum MacLeod (GBR) Filsell Motorsport): 17:56.672

13 Niall Breen (GBR) (Barwell Motorsport): 17:57.066

14 Euan Hankey (GBR) (Barwell Motorsport) R: 17:57.352

15 Jonathan Legris (GBR) (Pegasus Motorsport Int) R: 18:01.003

16 Michael Meadows (GBR) (Master Motorsport) R: 18:01.204

17 Jack Goldstraw (GBR) (Pegasus Motorsport Int): 18:06.424

18 Matt Harris (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 18:07.061

19 Lars Viljoen (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 18:10.815

20 Paul Rees (GBR) (Team SWR Locktite): 18:11.347

21 Joe Osborne (GBR) (Nexa Racing) R: 18:11.889

Not Classified

Aaron Steele (GBR) (Mark Burdett Motorsport) R: 15 laps

Edward Hoy (GBR) (Mark Burdett Motorsport): 15 laps

Chris Holmes (GBR) (Fortec Motorsport): 1 lap

Fastest Lap

Jordan Wise (Nexa Racing) 47.600, 92.73mph, 149.24kph

Pole Position - Sam Bird (Fortec Motorsport) 47.258s

R indicates driver eligible for Rookie Cup

Rounds 9 and 10 of the Championship will be at Oulton Park on the 18th and 19th June.


Championship Points Tables


1. Howson (3 wins) 91, 2. Bird (1 win) 87, 3. Sørlie (2 wins) 73, 4. Antunes (1 win) 60, 5. Curnow 59, 6. Smith 55, 7. Walker-Hansell (1 win) 50,8. Keen 33, 9. Wise 32, 10. Turvey 24, 11. Felix da Costa 22, 12. Hankey 20, 13. Breen 13, 14=. Legris and Viljoen 6, 16=. Harris and Meadows 5, 18. Leon 3, 19=. Cauvin and Macleod 2.



1. Hankey (4 wins) 125,2. Meadows (2 wins) 100, 3. Legris (1 win) 74, 4. Cauvin 61, 5. Steele 60, 6. Osborne 54, 7. Hoy 40.


1. Fortec Motorsport 160, 2. Filsell Motorsport 93, 3. Nexa Racing 87, 4.Carlin Motorsport 72, 5. Team SWR Locktite 68, 6. Motaworld Racing 62, 7. Promatecme/Soper Sport 59, 8. Barwell Motorsport 33, 9. Pegasus Motorsport International 9, 10. Master Motorsport 5.



Formula BMW is the world's leading entry-level class in Formula racing. In 2005 the series will be held in Germany, Britain, Asia and the USA. Up-and-coming drivers as young as 15-years-old are given the opportunity of entering motor racing with the high-tech, standard FB02 race car.

This racing car has been seen on the grid since 2002 and has set standards particularly on the safety technology front. The single-seater is propelled by a 140 bhp BMW engine up to 230km/h and exceeds by far the safety requirements for its class. BMW Motorsport has developed the FORS Formula Rescue Race Seat especially for Formula BMW. The HANS safety system is also mandatory.

In 2005, Formula BMW will be staged five times as part of the Formula One support programme. All the series offer a multifaceted Education and Coaching Programme as well as sponsorship for promising racing talents. The best-known alumni of this talent hothouse are Formula One drivers Ralf Schumacher and Christian Klien.

BMW Motorsport Director, Mario Theissen: "Formula BMW offers talented young drivers more than just a car. In the Education and Coaching Programme we have designed specially for them, they learn everything they need to know to hold their own in the big wide world of motor racing. Formula BMW has shot out of the blocks to become the top entry-level class for Formula racing worldwide."

In December 2005 the Bahrain International Circuit will host the first Formula BMW World Final. Young racing drivers from the four regional Formula BMW series will compete against each other. The winner will get the chance to test a BMW WilliamsF1 Team car.

- Heike Bartsch,  BMW -


06.06.2005 / MaP

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