New CRG factory at Desenzano del Garda

New CRG factory at Desenzano del Garda

23.12.2009: Last 18th December, CRG, the prestigious Italian manufacturing firm, completed its project of widening and modernization of its structure with the opening ceremony of its very advanced brand-new factory


Last  18th  December, CRG, the  prestigious  Italian manufacturing  firm, completed  its  project  of widening  and  modernization of  its  structure  with  the opening ceremony of its very advanced  brand-new  factory at Desenzano del Garda. In  the  same  area,  during  the last two years, the CRG grouphad  already  opened  the  two new  factories  of  Maxter Engines and Maranello.

All  the  most  important representatives  of  karting were  invited  at  the  party given for the occasion.The  new  plant,  with  its innovating  architecture  and its    accurate  and  refined design  of  the  rooms,  has three  stories  and  an  overall surface  of  10,000  square meters.  Together  with  the nearby Maxter and Maranello plants  – respectively  1,450 and  1,350  square  meters  –the new complex is now a top industrial hub for karting.

The  old  CRG  factory,  not  far away  from  the  new  one,  will keep  on  working  and  will house  the  CRG  Racing  Team structure  and  Primatist, one of the brands of the group Giancarlo Tinini  between  his  2009 World  Champions,  Jonathan  Thonon  (KZ1 World Cup) and “Koko” Arnaud Kozlinski (SFK World Champion).

A partial view of the new CRG factory at Desenzano del Garda. specialized in the production and  selling  of  connecting  rods,  drive  shafts  and  other accessories for karting.

All the major dealers for CRG from  all  over  the  world  with all the  members  of  the official racing team – drivers, mechanics, technicians - took part  in  the  opening  ceremony,  together  with karting  VIPs  and  several representatives  of  the national  and  international press.This important event was the occasion  for  the  traditional CRG  prize-giving  ceremony, during  which  prizes  for  the 2009  season    were  given  to CRG drivers and dealers.

A  season  full  of  crucial achievements:  CRG  excelled in  the  most  important  world championships: from the win of “Koko” Arnaud Kozlinski in the  Super  KF  World  Championship  and  in  the WSK  International  Series,  to the  third  win  in  a  row  of Jonthan  Thonon  in  the  KZ1 World Cup.

Among  the  CRG  dealers,  the Best  Dealer  Award  went  to Christian  Marchandise’s  French  firm  KCM.  Further prizes  for  this  particular ranking  went  to  Dominique Labreque’s  Canadian  firm  PSL  and to  the  German  Prespo  of  Manfred Brandl.

Above, the interior of the shop in the new CRG factory. Below, the prize-giving ceremony of the 2009 CRG Major Dealers.

This  is  Giancarlo  Tinini’s comment,  chairman  of C.R.G.  S.p.a.: 
“It  was  a  great celebration  for  CRG.  All  our friends  and  major  dealers  of our  brand  took  part  in  it, coming  from  all  over  the world. It’s been two years  since our last  ceremony  before Christmas,  since  we suspended  it  because  of  my father’s  death.  He  was  a
great  supporter  of  this annual  appointment  and  he was  always  so pleased  to represent our brand. Without him  I  felt  it  was  pointless  to keep on organizing the event. But the achievements of this year – the opening of the factory and the wins in the championships - pushed me to resume the tradition.

I  was  pleased  to  realize  how  happy  our  guests  were  and  it  is  always  great  to  see  such  an  enthusiasm surrounding our brand. The opening of our new factory is a crucial moment in our business enterprise. The new structure is essential to increase the production and to simplify the goods handling, with the possibility of adding new equipment. Our aim was to work better.

Everything seems so big, but in the end you always need more room. Anyway, we definitely took a big step forward. Now our commitment is to step up the production. We are quite satisfied for the achievements of the year at the moment.

Our production is at the same level of last year production: good news considering the general conditions of the world’s economy. We got excellent selling results in France, followed by Canada and Germany. We recorded a light increase in Japan but a worrying downward trend in America that we will try to recover. In 2010 we think we can increase our sales, even though it won’t be easy.

Regarding  the  racing  we  are  about  to  complete  our official  team:  our  goal  is  to  get  as many trophies  as  possible, according to our tradition. Jonathan Thonon will take part in KZ1 and KZ2 competitions together  with Gary Carlton, while “Koko”, Davide Fore and Eddy Tinini will compete in Super KF. In this class we will have  Felice Tiene’s  comeback,  the  winner  of  this  year  KF2  Asia-Pacific  Championship.  Giovanni  Martinez will compete in KF2, Luca Tilloca in KZ2. In KF3 we will have the dÄbut of the promising young kating driver Max Verstappen, son of the F1 champion Jos Verstappen. Soon we will have the names of the drivers of our new junior team, besides probable new drivers in KF2 and KF3”.

Jonathan Thonon:
“ I want to thank Giancarlo Tinini for his confidence. I have been racing for CRG for nine years, with the VDK Team first and then with CRG Official Team. This is something I’m so proud of because it’s a continuity that is hard to get in the world of sports; it is based on a great and mutual respect, and this is fundamental for me. It makes me very self-confident.

My season will be focused on KZ1 in  the WSK World series and in KZ2 in  the WSK Euro  Series. The only exception will be the Winter Cup, where I  will compete in Super KF.  For  2010 we have lots  of  novelties, starting from the engine, and I’m sure we’ll have a top level season”.

Arnaud  Kozlinski:
  “It  is  the first time I take part in a CRG celebration  and  I  had  the feeling  to  be  a  member  of  a big  family.  A  beautiful feeling. Concerning  my  racing activity,  in these last weeks I have  been  following  the development  of  the  new engine,  and  I  must  say  that we  are  at  a  satisfactory stage. We  are  all  happy  with  the equipment,  for  the  power and  the  reliability  at  top levels.  My  season  will  be focused  on  Super  KF  in  the WSK,  both  in  the  World Series and in the Euro Series, besides the opening race in the Winter Cup”.

Davide Fore
: “I’m expecting much from 2010. I have tested the new Maxter KF engine and I noticed it has been greatly enhanced. It offers excellent reliability, it is much smaller than the previous one and this is the reason  why  the  chassis  offers  a  better  efficiency.  It’s  given  me  positive  emotions,  that’s  why  I’m  so confident.”

CRG 2010 OFFICIAL TEAM (temporary list)

KZ1 (e KZ2)

Jonathan Thonon (B)
Gary Carlton (USA)

Super KF

“Koko” Arnaud Kozlinski (F)
Davide Fore (I)
Eddy Tinini (I)
Felice Tiene (I)


Luca Tilloca (I)


Giovanni Martinez (I)

Max Verstappen (NL)

C.R.G. S.p.A.-   also photos


23.12.2009 / MaP

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