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13.01.2012: Dakar Rally 2012 Stage 12 January 13th, 2012 13:09 - bike 007 - Goncalves in the Top 5 The Portuguese rider has just completed the special in

Dakar Rally 2012  Stage 12  January 13th, 2012

13:09 - bike 007 - Goncalves in the Top 5

The Portuguese rider has just completed the special in fifth place behind Cyril Despres and 5'25” behind the day's winner, Marc Coma.

13:07 - bike Barreda Bort and Viladoms finish behind Coma...

The end of this special has been marked by a hat-trick for Spain. After Marc Coma, Joan Barreda Bort finished in second, 2'43” behind, in front of Jordi Viladoms, 3'10” behind. Cyril Despres finished fourth 3'57” behind, ahead of Ruben Faria, 7'05” behind, Helder Rodrigues 7'31” behind, and Stefan Svitko 9'11” behind.

The best performers yesterday seemed to pay for their efforts today: Felipe Zanol finished 9'18” behind the day's winner, Johnny Aubert 16'25” behind and Gerard Farres Guell 16'58” behind. In strategic terms, the position of the leading pair in the general allows for an exciting multitude of possibilities for tomorrows stage.

12:49 - bike 016 - Pain stops again...

The French biker was slightly off course after 162 kilometres of the special and was at a standstill for several minutes. He was in a zone of dunes, but managed to restart after approximately 3 minutes

12:42 - bike 001 - Coma reigns supreme at the finish!

The Spaniard has crossed the finishing line with a lead of 3'57” over Cyril Despres. As a result, Coma takes over control of the general standings, 1'35” ahead of the Frenchman, who will start behind him tomorrow.

12:15 - bike Zanol and Aubert stuck in the dunes...

The two bikers who shone during the previous stage have stopped around the 159-km point of the special in an area of dunes. Whilst Johnnny Aubert is on the correct route, Felipe Zanol is 200 metres off the tracks. They were followed by Gerard Farres Guell who managed to get past the obstacle.

11:43 - bike 001 - Coma leads again after 138 km

At the last WP (Way Point) after 138 km of the day's special, Marc Coma still leads Cyril Despres. The Spaniard seems to have gained 41 seconds over the Frenchman, with approximately fifty kilometres until the finish.

11:24 - bike Pain at a standstill

The young Frenchman who has shone several times since the start of the Dakar 2012 is losing time on the special after stopping at the 60-km point of the stage before reaching CP1.

11:13 - bike 032 - Svitko achieves the best time at CP1

With a time of 45'26”, Slovak rider Stefan Svitko has shown himself to be the quickest over the first 72 km, moving in front of Marc Coma. Coma is 18” behind, Viladoms 19” behind, Despres 49” behind, Zanol 53” behind, Barreda Bort 1'18” behind, Rodrigues 1'19” behind, Faria 1'46” behind and Aubert 2'07” behind.

11:10 - bike 010 - Viladoms behind Coma

For the moment, two Spaniards lead the stage at CP1, since Jordi Viladoms has just achieved the second best time after 72 km, 1 second behind stage leader Marc Coma. Behind Cyril Despres, in third, Brazilian Felipe Zanol is continuing on from yesterday's good display with the fourth best time at present. Joan Barreda Bort is in fifth, 1 minute behind his countryman.

11:05 - bike 001 - Coma leads Despres!

The duel has commenced at the summit of the general standings between Cyril Despres and Marc Coma. For the moment, the advantage lies with the Spaniard who has completed the first 72 kilometres in 45'44”, with a lead of 31” over the Frenchman. Gerard Farres Guell trails his countryman by 3'44”.

10:13 - bike 002 - Despres heads for Nazca

At 10 AM local time as scheduled, the winner of yesterday's special stage, Cyril Despres, set off from the 49.7-km point on the initially planned route (since the special was shortened due to flooding of streams along the route). His objective is to try and protect his lead (2'22”) over Marc Coma who will start behind Gerard Farres Guell and in front of Johnny Aubert.

05:45 - bike The bikes set off from Camana

A quarter of an hour after the cars, the bikers set off to the start of the special, which has been pushed back by almost fifty kilometres for safety reasons related to route conditions provoked by the heavy rainfall in recent days over the region. 106 bikes and 13 quads have been authorised to start the stage to Nazca. Cyril Despres will be opening the road ahead of Gerard Farres Guell, Marc Coma and Johnny Aubert.

02:30 Nazca in their lines of sight

For its second day in Peru, the Dakar 2012 will set off divided along the link stage, with the bikes and quads starting from a different bivouac to the cars and trucks. Later, however, all the vehicles will be taking up the same challenge: a start in the Pampa Blanca and a finish in the dunes around Nazca.

In addition 259 kilometres of link stage, there will be 245 against the clock, presenting the opportunity for the outcome of the duels in the bike and car category to become clearer, whilst the Patronelli brothers exercise their control over the quad category, in a similar way to the De Rooy clan's domination of the truck race.

The highlight of the stage will be a twenty kilometre section of uninterrupted dunes, taking the riders and drivers into a new dimension. The compactness of the said means this chain of dunes will not be too hard to cross, but for the masters of sand there will still be time to play for, especially just three days before the finish. For those who still remember the driving conditions in Mauritania, their old habits could bring them some valuable minutes.

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