Belgian Race Invest statement concerning Belgian circuit racing

Belgian Race Invest statement concerning Belgian circuit racing

07.02.2012: “Everyone will need to compromise” Similar to the recent governmental negotiations and the crisis in Greece, Belgian motorsport faces a speedy and thorough re-organisation. Looking

  “Everyone will need to compromise”

Similar to the recent governmental negotiations and the crisis in Greece, Belgian motorsport faces a speedy and thorough re-organisation. Looking back implies standing still. There is no point in pointing a finger at individuals or organisations. The only way forward is through constructive work. This is the reason why BRI is becoming involved in these debates, as fully and thoroughly detailed hereunder.

Dries Heyman, BRI Director, Special Open Trophy promoter.

First and foremost I wish to clarify that BRI solely has an emergency solution ready in the event that all parties involved (Speedworld & RACB) cannot come to an agreement. In addition I also wish to clarify that BRI retains no interest in neither taking over, continuing nor copying any of the series in any way whatsoever.

The only interest would be in taking on the GT & Touring cars in our SOT, in lightly adapting the calendar, go into action as swiftly as possible, mobilising one and all with a view to producing something great. In this day and age there are not many other possibilities available.

The explanations why the RACB Sport have not accepted Speedworld’s proposal I leave entirely to the parties involved. It is neither up to us, nor any third party to become involved in same. This is also the reason why BRI did not become involved in the negotiations sooner. When it became apparent on Friday that the RACB no longer wished to discuss matters with Speedworld we decided to forward our proposal to RACB Sport.

Taking into account that both the Belcar and BTCS were viable championships and that correct financial work was carried out is perfectly acceptable. Now in the year 2012, and that there are no longer any tyre tenders, no major sponsors and that many teams have already thrown in the towel or found pastures new, the financial aspects could now well be taking on a different look.

Two national championships, each boasting a maximum of 20 cars at the start, immaterial of whom is running them, is financially thoroughly irresponsible. Whoever becomes involved in this adventure will be left with a monumental financial hangover.

Seeing time is knocking at the door there is no other possibility, apart from stopping everything, than integrating the GT and Touring cars into an existing championship. The Special Open Trophy fits perfectly into this, as similar to the Belcar and the BTCS it offers a perfect mix of Endurance and Sprint events.

In order to realise this we have had to review our calendars. We also needed to find a solution for the other championships planned during these same Speedworld weekends. Not an easy assignment but I do believe that we have found a solution to satisfy one and all. 

The circuits will also need to compromise. They will need to turn over a new leaf, absorb any eventual losses and look to the future. In my personal opinion we also need to urgently hold a meeting with some of the circuits and the promoters in order to establish, once and for all proper and clear agreements.

The expensive rates, the one-sided contracts and the monopolising behaviour have shown that when it comes to the promoters and the organisers there have been some double standards. It is therefore not surprising that a circuit such as Mettet is gaining in popularity thanks to the fact that similar to us they openly publicise their rates.

 In 2011 I was unable to bring all promoters together into 1 line, however in 2012 it has to succeed! Why should we need to give up our income received from the public having already handed over € 100.000 in order to rent the circuit. It is also up to the circuits to make sure they have carried out their homework.

A successful or bad year should not be dependant upon those few A race weekends. What would we do if only a mere 6 A race weekends would be organised tomorrow. Divide the circuit’s total annual costs by six and charged this on through to the organisers? An open discussion with full accounts clearly laid out on the table is now essential before any more victims are caught out.

The Fun Cup is an entirely different story, and here BRI does not have a made-to-measure solution. Today BRI was in contact with two parties with whom the Lemoine family had already had discussions. In the event that the RACB also appoints us to promote the Fun Cup then we do also have a solution for this.

Not only from a calendar point of view, but also on the financial front. Far more work is involved in the Fun Cup story, however the chances that we might be given the green light in the coming days is far more complex, but achievable.

Should the RACB appoint BRI for say 3 years, then the investors would be agreeable to come to an agreement with the Lemoine family financially and the Fun Cup 2012 could take place. Until further notice the Lemoine family are the owners of the entire Fun Cup activity. Initial discussions have taken place, also here with the RACB Sport together with BRI in order to come to decisions.

Similar to the Greek crisis nothing is infinite in time.  Should no agreement be reached between BRI and RACB Sport by Wednesday 8/2/2012 at 14.00hrs., then BRI will revert to concentrating 100% on its top activity, namely the Special Open Trophy retaining the existing calendar.

On the other hand should an agreement be reached then as from 9/2/2012 we will be holding meetings with the circuits and other interested promoters and all teams will receive the revised calendar by 10/2/2012, together with the registration forms and provisional regulations (subject to approval from RACB Sport) in their incoming mailbox.

After a pretty turbulent weekend with many meetings and telephone calls it is a pleasure to note that many teams and motorsport fans support this opportunity. We wish to thank all those who have already shown their support and hope that it will come to positive fruition, which is in the full interest of our favourite sport.

Dries Heyman, Director Belgian Race Invest-  also photos


07.02.2012 / MaP

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