Opening of the season’s second half at Red Bull Ring

Opening of the season’s second half at Red Bull Ring

09.08.2012: ADAC PROCAR at Red Bull Ring Steiermark, Austria We are slowly moving towards this season’s final straight and the ADAC PROCAR

ADAC PROCAR at Red Bull Ring Steiermark, Austria

We are slowly moving towards this season’s final straight and the ADAC PROCAR drivers will know what that means. Every point may be decisive when it comes to keeping or improving the current position in the championship.

Whether the view of the Alps at the Red Bull Ring will result in additional motivation or whether it will only be used as a scene for exciting duels – it is up to the drivers themselves. One thing is certain:  Last year, the top candidates tumbled at 600 meters above the sea and this will fit the persecutors this year perfectly.

The circuit of 4300 metres in Spielberg is a challenge. Not only for newcomers, also old-hands will have to fight the up- and downhill parts. Especially in short sprint races like those of the ADAC PROACR, the additional weight will definitely show its effects in the altitude.

The most weight will be allocated to the fastest drivers of the previous races and it sees to equality of opportunities. The two leaders Jens Weimann and Guido Thierfelder will be starting the race with maximum additional weight (60 kg in Division 1 and 30 kg in Division 2) and will therefore face a non-negligible disadvantage compared to their direct competitors.

Division 1:

After coming second in both races at the Red Bull Ring last year, only a double victory is acceptable to table leader Jens Weimann (Thate Motorsport). But the driver from Northern Germany, quite accustomed to this kind of success, knows that the competitors will get stronger from event to event.

“It is clear that I will battle it out at the front end”, the likeable Preetz citizen states and explains: “I have more experience in my car than my direct competitors and my team is well organised. Furthermore, I do know the Red Bull Ring from last season. These are advantages that will hopefully not be compensated by the additional weight.”

He already had to assign a few fast rounds to Milenko Vukovic (Vukovic Motorsport) as the Swiss driver is very committed to reducing his lack of experience in comparison with Weimann. At the moment, the chaser in a identically construced BMW 320 si E90 is lacking some constancy to be even more successful.

Paul Green (Liqui Moly Team Engstler) is just heading towards this success. The young newcomer is more and more embracing his touring bolide and is giving everything he has. During the last racing weekend in Oschersleben he was able to experience what it feels like to lead the driver’s field when he in his BMW passed Jens Weimann in his “Ella” and led the field. The Wiesbaden citizen seemed to enjoy this short “guest performance” and should be sufficiently motivated for the upcoming races.

Division 2:

Guido Thierfelder in a Peugeot 207 Sport by ETH-Tuning and the Red Bull Ring – not really a perfect match last year. The Peugeot had difficulties fighting the ups and downs and also this year it won’t get easier. It will be hard for the Troisdorf citizen with the additional weight to keep up with his motivated competitors.

But as usual, the old-hand is facing the challenge in a very relaxed mood. “I do have a lead of some points already by now. I don’t need to rush anything and we will see what is going to happen this weekend. In any case, I am very much looking forward to new duels with my colleagues in Division 2”, the senior ADAC PROCAR driver reports.

Nils Mierschke is taking along only the best memories from the races in Spielberg last year. In a team-owned Ford Fiesta ST he is aiming at attacking the table leaders including Thierfelder and these efforts shall finally bear fruits as there is still a gap of some points between the reigning champion of Division 2 and Thierfelder.

However, Mierschke stays calm. “I dedicated the first half of the season to getting used to the new team and new structures. Now everything is fine and we are ready to attack”, the rookie states.

He should still keep an eye on Ralf Glatzel (Glatzel Racing) since the Heilbronn citizen in a Fiesta VCT Sport is only six points behind and is considered one of the most constant aspirants for a podium position in Division 2.

Yury Krauchuk , Ravenol Team SAN, and Lennart Marioneck (both in a Ford Fiesta 1.6 16 V) of the Liqui Moly Team Engstler have recommended themselves for a front position, especially Marioneck who interrupted  Guido Thierfelder’s series of victories with his first victory in the current season  in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. 

The Chevrolet driver Wilson Borgnino convinced with comparable fast times during several events. Unfortunately, in most cases the technics of the Chevrolet Aveo came in his way. The only woman in the driver’s field will be taking part, too.

Julia Trampert is looking forward to her debut at the Red Bull Ring and the new challenge. The young Saarland citizen in a Ford Fiesta of Engstler Motorsport wants to achieve more points and take along as much experience as possible from the new circuit.

Ingo Wirtz and Andreas Griessner (both Glatzel Racing) will catch “ADAC PROCAR breath” for the first time. While Griessner is still competing with the rookies, Wirtz is replacing Thierfelder as the oldest driver in the field. The 51-year-old is looking back on several more years in motorsports than Austrian driver Griessner who already started in the ADAC Formula Masters and the ADAC Chevrolet Cup.

The two races on Sunday will be streamed live. Please follow the link "Live Stream" on our website!

The German TV channel Sport 1 will also broadcast a summary of the ADAC PROCAR races on saturday, 18th august 2012, 12.15 h.

Katharina Brüggmann -  photos ADAC PROCAR


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