Zandvoort Formula Renault 1.6. NEC races review

Zandvoort Formula Renault 1.6. NEC races review

19.10.2014: Florian Janits wins the last race of the season, first podium finish for Ben Kolff Florian Janits (Lehner Racing School) had the right speed on the

Florian Janits wins the last race of the season, first podium finish for Ben Kolff

Florian Janits (Lehner Racing School) had the right speed on the wet track of the circuit of Zandvoort and proved it by finishing on the highest step of the podium. He also finished third in the Championship. Second place in race 3 was for Ralf Aron of the Scuderia Nordica team and with this result he took second place in the Championship. Third and for the first time on the podium was Ben Kolff of the Provily Racing Team.

The race started under safety car due to the wet track conditions. Janits came from third and passed teammate Habsburg, to then start moving in on de Pasquale.

Ralf Aron and Boris Kolff both enjoyed the wet track conditions and moved up in the second part of the race, passing de Pasquale. Kolff dropped back to sixth on the last lap but found his way back to third to claim his maiden podium finish.

Max Defourny finished fourth, while newcomer Laurents Hörr finished fifth, he only got the car from the factory this week and raced for the first time on rain tyres as well. Nico Otto finished sixth, Anton de Paquale seventh, followed by Oliver Söderström, Ferdinand Habsburg and Roy Geerts. Geerts was the only one on slicks which did not bring him anything as the track did not dry as quickly as he would have liked.

1 Florian Janits (Lechner Racing School)
: “I am good in the wet so I was really looking forward to this race. I drove a perfect consistent race. I am very happy.”

2 Ralf Aron (Scuderia Nordica):
“I did not start the race very well, and just could not find the right pace. But in the second part of the race everything came together and I could move forward. Very happy to be on the podium again.”

3 Boris Kolff (Provily Racing Team
): “I started really good and found my race pace quickly and joined the leaders quickly. Great to finish the year on the podium. The team was great, they helped me and taught me a lot this year. I congratulate Anton on winning the championship.”

Quotes from the top three of the championship

1 Anton de Pasquale (Lechner Racing School)
: “This was a great first year here in Europe. The car was amazing! I learned a lot from the team who did such a great job. Now onto bigger and hopefully better things.”

2 Ralf Aron (Scuderia Nordica):
“I am very happy to finish second in the championship. The beginning of the year was not so great, but the second part was. I have won a test in the FR2.0 and look forward to see what that is like. But a big thanks to the team who taught me a lot and looked after me so well.”

3 Florian Janits (Lechner Racing School)
: “In my first year I did not expect this. I have improved a lot during the year and really enjoyed my time in the car. The team was great so I thank them for everything.”

Anton de Pasquale wins his 9th race, an all Lechner Racing School podium

The first three drivers, Anton de Pasquale, Ferdinand Habsburg and Florian Janits (all Lechner Racing School) raced from the startgrid in the same order over the finish line.

It was for places four, five, six and seven where the real battle was fought. Led by Max Defourny (Lechner Racing School), followed by Roy Geerts (Stuart Racing Team), Boris Kolff (Provily Racing Team), Paul Sieljes (Stuart Racing Team) and Ralf Aron (Scuderia Nordica), they all pushed and and had to defend their positions.

Geerts got a drive through penalty; his race was over and he retired his car. Kolff kept pushing but could not keep Defourny from finishing fourth, Aron kept Sieljes behind him. Laurents Hörr, the newcomer in the series who just got his FR1.6 out of the factory this week, finished 12th in race 1 and a good ninth in race 2.

Anton de Pasquale (Lechner Racing School):
“Another good race and another good result for the team. The first four are teammates, which is nice. One more race to go and then onto the next step in motorsports. Looking forward to that.”

Ferdinand Habsburg (Lechner Racing School):
“I did not have such a good start as yesterday but my third sector time made up for this. Here at Zandvoort I am very equal to Florian. Happy to be on a all Lechner Racing School padium.”

Florian Janits (Lechner Racing School):
“I had a good start but not good enough to catch Ferdinand. I am now in third place in the championship, a good result for my first season in single seaters.”

Cara de Vlaming, Photographer Dirk Bogaerts


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