24h Nürburgring 2022 with new qualifying format, timeschedule

24h Nürburgring 2022 with new qualifying format, timeschedule

09.10.2021: The ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring will be held under special auspices in 2022: For the 50th time, the endurance classic will be held on the legendary Nordschleife from 26 to 29 May.

The ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring will be held under special auspices in 2022: For the 50th time, the endurance classic will be held on the legendary Nordschleife from 26 to 29 May.


Reason enough for the organisers to send a special overture ahead of the anniversary. Three weeks earlier, there will be the ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers from 6 to 8 May. Previously a qualifying race, the event will be given a new format that is even better tailored to the needs of the race teams.

From Friday to Sunday, there will be two separately judged races and two top qualifying sessions with almost unchanged track times. A highlight for fans and drivers: Before Sunday's race, all participating cars will take to the track for two flying laps - not only the teams fighting for the overall victory.
Full programme on the Nordschleife

In its anniversary edition, the ADAC TotalEnergies 24h Nürburgring is as innovative as in the 49 years before. Drivers, teams and fans will get a first taste of this in 2022 at the 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers, which promise one thing above all for everyone involved: plenty of action! Over the course of three days, the teams will have the opportunity to put their cars through their paces on the Nordschleife for over eleven hours.

Two two-hour qualifying sessions will open the action on Friday, followed by a first top qualifying session for Race 1. On Saturday, a 45-minute warm-up and the three-hour race will attract spectators to the Nordschleife, which will also feature a regularity test (GLP) and a round of the Rundstrecken-Challenge Nürburgring (RCN).

As is already traditional during the preparation weekend for the season highlight, the action will continue into the evening hours. The programme on Sunday starts with a real innovation: After the warm-up in the morning, a top qualifying is scheduled for all participating cars from race 2.

Each car will get two flying laps in the final hunt for grid positions. Having the Nordschleife to yourself for once: A dream of many racing drivers will thus come true. From 14:00 onwards, another three-hour race is scheduled, which will be scored separately from the first race on Saturday.

The track time is thus distributed for the teams in such a way that vehicles struggling with technical difficulties or the consequences of accidents on one day can be used on the other days.

Active drivers in the spotlight - pitwalk and autograph session for fans

The Qualifiers are not only highly attractive for the active drivers, the fans have of course been thought of as well. They can not only enjoy the racing action. Pitwalks and autograph sessions are already part of the programme.

The focus of the new format is also on the preparation for the season's highlight on the Nordschleife, as race director Walter Hornung reveals: "We want to give teams and drivers the opportunity to prepare for the 24h weekend even better than in the past. The extensive driving time on the Nordschleife contributes to this just as much as the double top qualifying or the programme into Saturday evening.

Two starting phases allow different drivers to experience these special race kilometres, and two separately judged races also offer opportunities for all teams where things might not be going so smoothly." But spectators were also a focus when the weekend format was revised.

"After the long Corona break, we are really looking forward to having fans back at the track by now," explains the race director. "The expansion of the programme at the ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers gives us, as the organising ADAC Nordrhein, the opportunity to make the programme even more attractive, also in terms of the fans.

The pitwalk and autograph session will contribute to this, but we will also invite our partners and sponsors to make the most of the weekend - just as many teams will certainly take the opportunity to invite guests and introduce them to the fascination of the Nordschleife." However, as details here will have to depend on the development of the Corona event, only initial planning steps are possible on this point for the time being.

ADAC 24h Nürburgring Qualifiers: The provisional schedule

Friday, 6 May 2022

12:12-14:15 h 24h Qualifiers Full Qualifying Race 1
15:15-17:15 h 24h Qualifiers Ges Qualifying Race 2
18:00-19:00 h 24h Qualifiers Full Top-30 Qualifying

Race 1 (2 laps)
19:30-21:00 h 24h Qualifiers Pit lane Pitwalk / Autograph session

Saturday, 7 May 2022

08:15-11:45 h GLP NOS Regularity Test
12:15-13:00 h 24h Qualifiers Ges Warm-up
13:45-17:15 h RCN Ges Performance Test
18:30-21:30 h 24h Qualifiers Ges Race 1 (3 h)
22:00-23:00 h 24h Qualifiers Pitwalk

Sunday, 8 May 2022

08:15-09:00 h 24h Qualifiers Full Race Warm-up
09:15-12:30 h 24h Qualifiers Ges Top-Qualifying
all starters (2 rounds)
14:00-17:00 h 24h Qualifiers Ges Race 2 (3 h)

Status: 7 October 2021 - Subject to change without notice
Ges = Total circuit - NOS = Nordschleife

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