Hunt for points in Baden Motodrom: ADAC PROCAR at Hockenheimring

26.05.2010: At the Hockenheimring, the drivers of the ADAC PROCAR will offer high-quality touring car sports at 5th and 6th leg of this year's season. After a break of three weeks, the event of the popular racing series will take place in the Baden Motodrom from M

At the Hockenheimring, the drivers of the ADAC PROCAR will offer high-quality touring car sports at 5th and 6th leg of this year's season.

After a break of three weeks, the event of the popular racing series will take place in the Baden Motodrom from May, 28th to 30th 2010. 24 drivers from four different nations will fight for important championship points on the 4.574 km lasting Grand Prix track. Action and suspense on the track are expected due to exciting duels in all divisions.

The ADAC PROCAR comes with a full and mixed starter field to the race tracks at the Hockenheimring. 24 impressing racing touring cars of eight different brands will start into the two 20-minute-races. Everyone is looking forward to this event at the Hockenheimring but the demanding roadway arrangement in the Motodrom and especially the high-speed part "Parabolica" is notorious not only among racing drivers.

Division 1 (PROCAR Super 2000): Tight fights without mercy On Sunday, the 10 spectacular Super-2000 touring cars with their 280 HP will cause a stir. Championship leader and local hero Roland Hertner needs to try everything possible in order to defend his lead but especially his young team mates Johannes Leidinger and Florian Spengler object these intentions.

"They both put me under high pressure", Hertner knows. "I am going to rely on my experience and will go fully concentrated into the races", the Heilbronn citizen adds. The Russian Rustem Teregulov is also eager to achieve a good result after his involvement in the start crash at the Sachsenring forcing him to leave the event empty-handed. The Swiss neighbour country is also coming up with concurrence. Peter Rikli wants to have issue-free races in order to get some good points - in 2009; he achieved his first podium place of the season at the Hockenheimring.

His team mates Stephan Zbinden und Jörg Schori ate also taking part in the races. Jens Weimann, who had to face electronical problems at the Sachsenring, is hoping for a front position. This position could be taken away by the strong Russian Michail Stepanov who showed a convincing performance at the season's first event and who is now supported by his team mate Oleg Petrishin.

Division 2 (PROCAR 1600):
Call for favourite The compact and flexible 1600-cubic vehicles of Division 2 will convince with their 185 HP on the racing tracks. After the first two events, there are three candidates for the role of the favourite: Guido Thierfelder, Ralf Glatzel and Rookie Benedikt Boeckels. "This is my home event. I want to gain as much points as possible", the Königsbronn citizen Ralf Glatzel explains his goal. So far, also Thierfelder's young team mate, the 18-year-old Bente Scharf, has shown a great performance. Furthermore, the motorsports newcomer Klaus Bingler is getting stronger.

That applies to his team mate Ulrike Krafft, too, who has achieved some respectable results and takes care of the contingent of women in the PROCAR together with Saskia Müller. The starter field of Division 2 is completed by the 64-year-old, experienced Croatian "Gentleman" driver Zeljko Markovic.

Division 3 (PROCAR 2000):
All signs are directed to attack Old hand Alf Ahrens, who nearly achieved a sensational victory at the Sachsenring, finds himself now surrounded by belligerent rookies at the Hockenheimring. The field of rookies is led by Renault Clio driver Andreas

Kast: "Of course, I want to take over the table lead, myself", the Berlin citizen explains his challenge. Matthias Kaul wants to show what he and his Opel Astra are capable of when they do not have to deal with technical problems whereas Lars Nebelin and Markus Kern, two other Clio drivers, want to seize the opportunity to get points.

Both, Andreas Kast and Markus Kern did not win any points at the Sachsenring - they had to drop out of the race as their Clios were strongly damaged in the start collision. The Swiss Christian Fischer is starting at the Hockenheimring, too. At the season's first event in Oschersleben he had already shown his competitiveness in his Honda Civic. (kb)

ADAC PROCAR schedule at the Hockenheimring

Saturday, May 29th 2010     08:30 to 08:55        1. Free Practise
                            10:45 to 11:10        2. Free Practise
                            17:55 to 18:25        Qualifying

Sunday, May 30th 2010       09:05 to 09:20        Warm-Up
                            15:05                 1. Race (20 minutes)
                            15:45                 2. Race (20 minutes)

ADAC PROCAR Positioning weights for the event at the Hockenheimring

Division 1 ­ PROCAR Super 2000

R. Hertner    60 kg
F. Spengler   60 kg
J. Leidinger  30 kg

Division 2 ­ PROCAR 1600

B. Boeckels   25 kg
R. Glatzel    10 kg

Division 3 ­ PROCAR 2000

A. Ahrens    60 kg
L. Nebelin   40 kg
A. Kast      30 kg
C. Fischer   10 kg

ADAC PROCAR driver standings - after 4 of 16 legs

Division 1 ­ PROCAR Super 2000

1. Roland Hertner      Heilbronn        BMW 320is E90       38
2. Florian Spengler    Ellwangen        BMW 320i E46        30
3. Johannes Leidinger  Piesbach         BMW 320is E90       27

Division 2 - PROCAR 1600

1. Guido Thierfelder   Troisdorf        Peugeot 207 Sport    28
2. Ralf Glatzel        Königsbronn      Ford Fiesta ST       24
3. Bente Scharf        Stedesdorf       Peugeot 207 Sport    22

Division 3 ­ PROCAR 2000

1. Alf Ahrens          Barwedel         Renault Clio RS III    28
2. Andreas Kast        Berlin           Renault Clio RS III    20
2. Lars Nebelin        Nordstemmen      Renault Clio RS III    20

Standings ADAC PROCAR Rookie Cup - after 4 of 16 legs

1. Florian Spengler    Ellwangen        BMW 320i E46        33,5
2. Johannes Leidinger  Piesbach         BMW 320is E90       30,5
3. Bente Scharf        Stedesdorf       Peugeot 207 Sport    25,5

- Katharina Brüggmann-


26.05.2010 / MaP

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Zieleinlauf in der Magdeburger Börde
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Rikli Motorsport: Saisonfinale in Oschersleben
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Kurzes Gastspiel
 ADAC Procar Sachsenring:Ein nicht zufrieden stellendes Wochenende erlebte Johannes Leidinger während die ADAC Procar am Sachsenring gastierte. Nach anfänglichen Fahrwerksproblemen hatten der junge Saarländer und sein Team den Citroen C2 der Division 2 so weit an die Bedingungen angepasst, dass der 22-Jährige  mit einem guten Gefüh more >>
Von Niesewand kämpft für Team Schlaug um den Vize-Titel
Mit Platz drei auf dem Sachsenring verteidigte der Lohmarer Platz zwei in der ADAC PROCAR Ein ereignisreiches Rennwochenende erlebte das Team Schlaug Motorsport aus Wölmersen am vergangenen Wochenende auf dem Sachsenring. Der Lohmarer Marc-Uwe von Niesewand musste sich bereits im ersten der beiden Sprintrennen der ADAC Procar auf dem 3,645 km langen Kur more >>
Ein Meister ist gekürt - zwei Entscheidungen noch offen
Bei seinem Heimrennen bei strahlendem Spätsommerwetter auf dem Sachsenring hätte der Leubnitzer Charlie Geipel im Toyota Auris S2000 den 30.000 Zuschauern am liebsten eine Vorentscheidung in der Meisterschaft der Division 1 präsentiert. Am Ende blieb es bei einem Unentschieden zwischen dem 19-jährigen Tabellenführer und seinem Kontrahenten Remo Friberg im BMW 320i E46. more >>


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