Renault unveils its first NFT collection genR5

Renault unveils its first NFT collection genR5

09.12.2022: This 15 December, Renault will offer a collection of 1972 genR5 NFT to pay homage to the Renault 5, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

    This 15 December, Renault will offer a collection of 1972 genR5 NFT to pay homage to the Renault 5, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

    genR5 NFT holder will enjoy access to singular, exclusive, physical and virtual experiences. And they will become sponsors of Give Me 5, a CSR project reaching out to young generations.

    Renault is unveiling R3NLT, its own web 3.01 platform designed to treat users to experiences and rally its community around a long-term project.


Renault announces that it is moving into the online NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market. NFT are digital certificates of ownership. They are unique identifiers that cannot be copied, substituted or subdivided. They are recorded on a blockchain and used as certificates of authenticity as well as ownership. They can take on the form of an image, video, sound, etc.

Renault’s first NFT collection is called genR5, was inspired by the Renault 5 and will go on sale on 15 December next. This first project pays homage to the inception of a model that went on to become a 1970s icon, harnesses generative art and unleashes its creativity in 1972 unique NFT (1972 is the year the Renault 5 reached the market).  

Each of the 1972 NFT available for sale will represent a Renault 5 with a 9-second video including exclusive covering, and dynamic light and sound animation.


This genR5 collection is inspired by four legendary Renault 5 models. It comprises:

    100 electric Renault 5 NFT, commemorating the 100 groundbreaking electric cars produced from 1972 to 1974

    160 Renault 5 Turbo NFT, for the horsepower under the bonnet of this hot hatch, which came to symbolise Renault’s sporty spirit

    450 Renault 5 Le Car Van NFT, matching the number of vehicles in this French-made US-styled limited edition

    1,262 Renault 5 TL NFT, celebrating a symbol of the revolution in the city car segment

Each NFT will be assigned at random, unveiled after purchase and provide access to specific utilities2. The collection will be available to everyone – first-time NFT buyers using traditional currency and a bank card, and web3 experts using cryptocurrency – at the same affordable price.

On the R3NLT platform,, the public can follow news about the sale and sign up for important notifications to buy a genR5 NFT. 

Renault will also release regular updates on utilities via its R3NLT Discord and Renault_NFT Twitter social networks accounts.

All genR5 NFT holders will be welcome to take part in co-creating The Originals merchandise, which will then be available in an exclusive limited edition. They will also receive alerts about upcoming drops in future collections.

    “Joining the R3NLT community is tantamount to entering into a singular relationship with the brand, creating and offering new experiences to all enthusiasts. And there is no better way of starting than with a collection of NFT that pay tribute to the storied Renault 5.”

    Arnaud Belloni, Global Chief Marketing Officer.


All genR5 NFT holders will automatically become Give Me Five project sponsors as 50% of proceeds from the NFT will pay for outreach initiatives. Give Me 5 is Renault’s CSR programme, in particular to refurbish courts so that youths in working-class neighbourhoods can play tennis.

Renault refurbished three tennis courts in Marseille, Lyon and Grigny this year through this initiative.


With its first NFT collection drop and with a view to setting a long-term project in motion, Renault is starting its own platform, R3NLT, on

The goal with the platform is to gather a large community of enthusiasts – web 3.0 whizzes and first-timers alike – around the project.

This secure platform will be the sole outlet for Renault NFT and will bring users into a close, special relationship with the brand. It will provide secure access to their wallet and evolve in synch with subsequent launches.

In this web 3.0 universe, Renault NFT buyers will enjoy one-of-a-kind experiences including opportunities to take part in:

    events of which the brand is a partner

    exclusive test drives

    meetings with brand designers

    exhibition previews

    private tours of places that have never before opened to the public


1Web3 is the third Internet generation. Its goal is to be decentralised (as it will use blockchain) and give users power over their data (unlike web 2.0). It is also designed to increasingly incorporate virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

2Utilities are perks that come with owning NFT. They can be advantages and exclusive features, and may be physical or virtual (invitations to private events, access to exclusive content, customised merchandise, experiences, etc.).

David Zaïdi, Julien Cotteverte - photos Renault


09.12.2022 / MaP

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