Tourenwagen Junior Cup about to start in 2020

Tourenwagen Junior Cup about to start in 2020

15.11.2019: • Junior Cup with identical cars • seasonal costs on national karting level • entry-level touring car VW up! GTI Cup for less than EUR 25.000

• Junior Cup with identical cars

• seasonal costs on national karting level

• entry-level touring car VW up! GTI Cup for less than EUR 25.000

The existing gap between karting and circuit racing will be filled by the new Tourenwagen Junior Cup that is aimed at young and talented drivers. The VW up! GTI Cup is a small but professionally built and developed car recalling former brand trophies. The series regulation will be issued by the ADAC Weser-Ems, a regional department of the ADAC.

It will be possible to establish a reasonable youth development program in circuit racing from 2020 onwards. Young karting drivers who are willing to step up into professional racing will be delighted by the new possibilities. While planning the stepping-up project, checking the seasonal costs has always been of major importance.

That is why the Tourenwagen Junior Cup sets one focus on the costs: Participating in the Tourenwagen Junior Cup will be possible for a reasonable karting budget and the VW up! GTI Cup car with its 140 hp will be available for under 25.000 Euro in a ready-to-race and fully equipped spec.

Meaning that this is the most attractive offer in the entry-level category but nevertheless complies with stringent requirements regarding a real race car.

The Tourenwagen Junior Cup focuses on a fundamental education and training of young drivers who will meet technical components that they will be expected to master when they enter the next level in their racing career. That includes a height-adjustable chassis and the possibility for first adjustments of the axis kinematics like toe and camber adjustments on the front and rear to sharpen the technical understanding and the feeling for the race car.

The elimination of driving assistances and the implementation of technical features such as a GPS based data-logging and a professional balance bar brake system underlines the educational approach of the series additionally. The classic racing format of two 20 minutes races is set to enhance the right conduct in duels. Further more, the drivers performance itself makes the difference on
the track.

As all cars are identical, equal opportunities are not only guaranteed but also generally one of the key facts of the concept that need no balance of performance or success ballast.

There are eight race weekends and additional testings planned for the inaugural season that will take place in Germany and neighboring countries.

Drivers that want to participate need to be at least 16 years old and need to hold an international D racing licence (or higher). The maximum age at the point of registration may be 25 years.

The VW up! GTI Cup can be ordered from December 1st with the order form that can be found on the website soon. Entries will be open from December 1st as well. Provisionally, there will be only 16 cars available for 2020.

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15.11.2019 / MaP

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