Yamaha Motor Turns Up The Torque With Fresh New Flagship Engines

Yamaha Motor Turns Up The Torque With Fresh New Flagship Engines

17.01.2023: 2023 Yamaha Outboard XT0 450hp V8: It’s Like Rocket Science, But On Water The revolution evolves Yamaha Motor has engineering excellence embedded in the very heart of the brand, creating products that allow users to enjoy amazing experienc

2023 Yamaha Outboard XT0 450hp V8: It’s Like Rocket Science, But On Water

The revolution evolves

Yamaha Motor has engineering excellence embedded in the very heart of the brand, creating products that allow users to enjoy amazing experiences, indulging in exciting thrills, reassured by unequalled reliability. Yamaha has a continuous drive, an aspiration, to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of users with the very latest technology.

Innovation is found across the outboard range, from XTO to Electric Drives, including the ‘next level’ rigging and componentry which allows everyone from commercial skippers to novice boaters to get the most from their vessel.

Since 2020, Yamaha Motor has completely revamped its Premium and High Power segments, from higher horsepower XTOs to cascading the latest tech, including the ground-breaking Helm Master EX® through the V6 range and High Power segment, which includes the exciting VMAX SHO range specifically designed for high performance, lighter weight boats.

Our users at our core

The segmentation of the outboard range allows Yamaha Motor to more easily connect the customer with the engine that will deliver them the best results.

The Premium segment is designed for large cabin boats and offshore cruisers, when only the very best is good enough. The flagship XTO is packed with unique and industry-leading technologies and the recent innovations to the V6 segment has seen this popular range gather even more devotees.

In the High Power segment there are engines suited to coastal cruising and those ideal for adrenaline fuelling water sports, such as the VMAX SHO range with its awesome power-to-weight ratio.

For day boats taking families on fun filled adventures round the local coastline, the Mid Power (80hp ‑ 30hp) segment creates excitement and enjoyment for all. The Versatile (25hp ‑ 8hp) segment offers unique variety, from shaft length, ignition method, trim and tilt system and even specific high thrust units, to perfectly suit the diverse range of customers in the segment from fisherman to family boaters, and safety boats to tenders. This segment includes the industry leading 25hp with battery-less EFI and an enviable power to weight ratio.

Quality and reliability meet the lightest weight, easiest to transport engines in the Portable Segment (6hp ‑ 2.5hp), whilst in the Electric Drive segment, silence is golden, providing easy-to-operate units for fresh, brackish and saltwater.

New XTO flagships open up fresh possibilities for large and small craft alike

The launch of the XTO 425hp V8 in 2018 changed the entire market. The torque and additional power extended utility beyond high performance RIBs and day boats into new markets, creating outboard powered weekend cruisers and semi-displacement vessels.

The XTO features an industry first direct injection, which delivers improved performance and efficiency throughout the rev range, when compared to traditional electric fuel injection engines.

New XTO 450hp V8 and XTO 400hp V8

Improving on the game changing XTO 425hp was a tough ask, but the new XTO 450hp V8 manages to offer sleek new graphics, enhanced user features and a superior power to weight ratio, making it an option for even more boats. Here’s how the new flagship line-up of XTO 450hp and 400hp V8 break down:

Turn Up The Torque

The natural aspiration of the XTO 450hp and 400hp V8 makes them ideal for powering larger boats, and the V8 configuration delivers awesome power across the rev range, creating more opportunities to use outboards to power ever larger and heavier vessels.

New: Tie Up & TotalTilt™

Yamaha’s exclusive TotalTilt™ function allows complete tilt up or down (until trim ram contacts) from any position with a simple double-push of the respective tilt button.  This speeds up the closing down procedure, making it easier to keep the engines in top condition for longer.

Integrated Digital Electric Steering (DES)

Digital Electric Steering is every boat owner’s dream ticket to super light steering with minimal feedback and an easier day at the helm. Steering remains with a more precise feel for longer thanks to the advanced engineering and robust build, keeping everything right and tight. DES also reduces maintenance, so there’s more time to play and less spent bleeding systems and fixing corroded pipes.

DES is now built into the XTO 450hp and 400hp V8 engines, making it a more compact unit with an enhanced appearance. Boat builders have more space and freedom to create a flatter transom deck area with more usable space.

Helm Master EX® Compatibility

With these new XTO 450hp and 400hp V8 engines, it’s now easier than ever to link the ground-breaking Helm Master EX® boat control system. Helm Master EX® opens up joystick control from anywhere on the boat and features AutoPilot, FishPoint and SetPoint™ position control technology. The latest XTO models also feature an integrated Helm Master EX® functioning propeller light.

New Phase Angle Control Charging System

Powering onboard appliances is essential for enjoyment of time on the water, especially for the bigger boats which the XTO’s are capable of propelling. With the new XTO 450hp and 400hp V8 engines, this high-output alternator system enables onboard batteries to charge more quickly, allowing users to run more electronics when at rest and without use of a generator.

From hot plates to fridges, stereos to navigation equipment, they can all be recharged by this fast-charge system.

In-water gear lubrication change system

Maintaining an outboard is critical to keeping it in the best condition and guaranteeing reliability on the water. The XTOs allow for in water oil changing, making it quicker and easier to complete, and saves on boat lifts and storage ashore.

Perhaps most importantly, it means more time on the water and less time messing about with maintenance!

New Flagship for the High Power Segment

The new 200hp and 150hp engines have mass appeal to anyone wanting to have fun on the water with family and friends, offering multiple options enhanced with some really exciting top end tech, previously found exclusively in Premium segment engines.

With a host of technical enhancements, these engines are well suited to single or twin installations. They are all about creating an exciting and adrenaline pumping experience for everyone to enjoy.

Electro-Hydraulic Integrated Steering

At the helm of the all new 200hp and 150hp, helmsmen will experience the latest Electro-Hydraulic Steering (EHS) technology from Yamaha. Delivering a smoother, enhanced steering feeling and responsiveness.

The EHS system has been specifically designed to remove the weighted feel on the helm of traditional systems, without losing that all important feedback which connects the skipper with the feeling of the water. Furthermore, removing the need for hydraulic pipes also reduces the need of maintenance and wear and tear on the system.

Having the steering built into the engines rather than bolted on creates a more compact unit with an enhanced appearance, allowing the boat builder to have an easier fit and more freedom to create a flatter transom deck area with more usable space. All combining to deliver the boater the best possible package.

Steering systems to suit every boat

As part of Yamaha’s efforts to make quality outboards available to more boats and more users, the 200hp and 150hp is available with integrated Electro-Hydraulic Steering or an integrated hydraulic cylinder.

The new, fully hydraulic system has similar benefits to its electric counterpart, offering a tidier, more elegant appearance, easier fitting, multiple throttle option and more flexibility for boat builders.

V6 aesthetics

The 200hp and 150hp both benefit from fresh new styling with two colour options and sleek lines matching the elegance of any boat. This expands modern design further across Yamaha’s outboards and creating a continuous identity between the Premium and High Power segments.

Speaking of style, the new 200hp and 150hp are compatible with the latest LED lit, push start control, Drive-by-Wire throttles, so the enhanced aesthetics cover all touch points.

Helm Master EX® Compatibility

It’s now easier than ever to link the ground-breaking Helm Master EX® boat control system to the 200hp and 150hp engines, so more boaters can enjoy features like electric keyless ignition, second joystick control from anywhere on the boat, AutoPilot and navigation assistance functionality and the revolutionary, FishPoint™ and SetPoint™ position control technology.

TotalTilt™ makes life easier

Keep your new engine in pristine condition for longer, easier. When returning to the dock, there is enough to organise without having to wait to trim multiple engines independently.

TotalTilt™’s two-click operation raises or lowers your outboard automatically, rather than requiring you to hold your finger to the button constantly. That’s one less thing to do when closing down after another satisfying day of adventure.

Engine characteristics

The 200hp features a fuel efficient EFI system, making nanosecond calculations to ensure an optimum fuel and air mix are compressed for peak performance and efficiency, along with reliable cold starting.

Owners will also benefit from a microprocessor ECU, clean-burn technology and variable camshaft timing to improve performance and efficiency, plus reduce emissions across the rpm range.  Both engines are 2.8 litre, 4-cylinder, DOHC for improved airflow to boost power and speed, and 16-valve.

Empowering more boat owners with superior technology

All four of these incredible new flagship engines will be available from Q3 2023, ready for 2024 boat packages. They represent the latest of many steps taken by Yamaha to reimagine the Premium and High Power segments, part of a drive to cascade the latest and greatest technical innovations down through the range, making innovative engineering accessible to more users.

From opening up outboard power for ever larger and heavier vessels, to bringing cutting edge technology within reach for more customers, these latest engines represent another key step for Yamaha Motor as a long-standing pioneer in the marine world.

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