Yamaha sharpens up the winning Off Road Competition Range for 2021

Yamaha sharpens up the winning Off Road Competition Range for 2021

09.07.2020: Yamaha Motor Europe introduces its complete lineup of race-ready 2021 motocross bikes including the thoroughly updated YZ250F. Equipped with a completely refined engine, revised frame, new suspension settings, new brakes and designed in new Icon B

Yamaha Motor Europe introduces its complete lineup of race-ready 2021 motocross bikes including the thoroughly updated YZ250F.


Equipped with a completely refined engine, revised frame, new suspension settings, new brakes and designed in new Icon Blue bodywork – making the 2021 YZ250F more powerful, agile and sharper than ever.

But if that’s not enough there’s also an exclusive new special edition. Featuring factory team-inspired graphics combined with the legendary YZ performance, the YZ250F and YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition are the ultimate production Yamaha.


Discover Yamaha’s full 2021 Off Road Competition range.

New YZ250F aiming for the podium - while special Monster Energy® Yamaha Racing Editions for YZ250F and YZ450F offer genuine factory team style

In the company's 65th anniversary year the commitment to winning is as strong as it ever has been, with Yamaha riders powering to remarkable results across the world. 2020 got off to an outstanding start, with Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing rider Dylan Ferrandis defending his crown and scoring a back-to-back 250SX West Coast Championship title on his YZ250F a cross the Atlantic. And Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 rider Jago Geerts winning his first Grand Prix at the opening round of the FIM MX2 World Championship series.

The philosophy that racing should play a key role in the company's operations started back in July 1955 when Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd was founded. Yamaha won its first race first time out, and on this day the company's future direction was chosen. And still today, at every level within Yamaha, racing is deeply embedded within the company's DNA - and the 2021 motocross range demonstrates that Yamaha continues to do whatever it takes to give every competitor the very real opportunity to fulfil their genuine potential.

With the strong range of high-performance 4-stroke and 2-stroke race bikes - as well as some of the world's favourite kids' dirt bikes - Yamaha is ready to welcome everybody to the victorYZone.

New YZ250F: Tune. Race. Win.

The YZ250F has already made a big name for itself as one of the most competitive 250 4-strokes out there. At every level this outstanding motocross bike has proved that it has what it takes to win in all conditions, in MX and SX. For the 2021 model year Yamaha is aiming even higher with the launch of the new YZ250F - equipped with thoroughly refined engine, revised frame, new suspension settings, new brakes and advanced digital technologies in this ultra-competitive class.


Completely redesigned engine

Every major component has been redesigned and improved in order to give Yamaha riders a genuine advantage on the racetrack. With its industry-leading reverse cylinder head design that delivers enhanced intake efficiency and improved mass centralisation, the 250cc 4-valve powerplant is already in a class of its own.

For the 2021 model year Yamaha's engineers have analysed each and every key component and made a large number of significant changes that are designed to give a wider band of stronger and smoother race-winning performance - as well as an enhanced transmission for slicker shifting.

New exhaust camshaft profile

The 2021 engine's power feeling from the mid rpm range through to over-rev performance has been refined and improved by the use of a new exhaust camshaft with a revised profile that reduces valve overlap. Together with optimized fuel injection settings, this new camshaft improves the YZ250F's engine character above mid rpm, giving a higher level of performance together with greater controllability.

All-new high-efficiency intake system

The YZ250F's front-facing inlet is a key feature that gives this lightweight 4-stroke a very real advantage. As well as ensuring the delivery of cool and fresh air directly into the engine for increased combustion efficiency and instant throttle response, it also facilitates the use of a unique rearwards-inclined cylinder that achieves excellent mass centralisation which contributes towards the bike's easy agility and lightweight handling.

The intake system on the 2021 model is all new, and the redesigned airbox does away with the intake funnel and has been shortened by 20mm to give a smoother and more direct route for the incoming air. Another key change is the use of a new air cleaner box cover mounted at the front of the seat. Featuring new ducts, the 2021 cover increases the volume of intake air to deliver even stronger performance at high rpm.

New high-performance muffler

To complement the increased high rpm performance of the 2021 engine, a new muffler with an increased capacity is fitted. Just 70mm longer than the previous design, the new system is constructed to give smoother acceleration especially at high rpm, and delivers a deep and subdued exhaust note that emphasises the torque-rich nature of this 250cc 4-stroke engine.

Stronger clutch housing and smooth-shifting transmissionficon blue

To complement the new engine's increased performance the clutch housing has been redesigned. The clutch basket features thicker walls that are significantly stronger, giving increased durability and consistently strong performance throughout the race.

3rd, 4th and 5th gears on both the input and output shafts have been redesigned to give improved transmission performance, and selected gears are shot peened to give greater strength to match the increased engine performance.

Refined bilateral beam frame takes handling to a new level

The YZ250F is already renowned for its super-agile and lightweight handling - and ongoing evaluation and testing have enabled Yamaha's designers to refine the frame structure and take chassis performance to the next level.

The 2021 YZ250F is equipped with a new aluminium bilateral beam frame that - while outwardly similar to the previous design - features a number of significant changes that match the increased performance of the 2021 engine and make a tangible improvement to handling feel and performance.

By fine-tuning the frame's rigidity levels at key locations, Yamaha's designers have been able to create a chassis that achieves lightweight handling together with a precise and confident feel. Other chassis components such as the top triple clamp, handlebar mounts, and front axle were also redesigned to complement the new frame - all contributing to the 2021 model's increased competitiveness.

Revised front and rear suspension settings give greater control

Yamaha's motocross models are widely regarded as having one of the best suspension packages in the industry. At the front end the KYB® inverted coil spring-type forks feature speed sensitive damping to give outstanding handling performance, while at the rear end the KYB® shock and link-type Monocross system work together to deliver optimum control together with high levels of rear wheel traction.

To ensure it maintains its position as one of the very best motocross suspension systems 'straight from the factory', the 2021 package is further refined. The settings on the KYB® front forks are revised to give more progressive damping throughout the entire stroke, and this gives the rider a stronger feeling of contact with the track surface while also delivering better bump absorption that helps conserve rider energy. At the rear the KYB® shock runs with revised settings that give a more stable ride with a reduced tendency to pitch.

These important suspension improvements - combined with the refined rigidity balance of the bilateral beam frame - elevate the 2021 YZ250F's handling qualities to an even higher level. As well as being lighter handling, the new model gives a more precise feeling that enables the rider to hold their chosen line for faster cornering. Front wheel and rear wheel traction is also improved by these chassis changes, giving greater levels of machine control for a real advantage over the opposition.


Lighter and more powerful braking system

Braking performance is increased and braking system weight is reduced for 2021. The redesigned front caliper is 30% more rigid than previously and uses larger diameter pistons and newly designed brake pads - while a new 270mm front disc achieves a 16% increase in pad contact surface area without any increase in weight. The rear brake caliper design is also new, and together with a new 240mm rear disc this system maintains the same level of braking power while weighing 120g less.

Delivering improved braking performance and better feeling, the new braking system makes an important contribution to the 2021 YZ250F's increased competitiveness and enhanced ride quality.
Revised handlebar position

In order to achieve the optimal riding position for enhanced controllability, the handlebars on the 2021 YZ250F are mounted further forward, enabling the rider to load the front end and shift their body weight over the front wheel as and when required.

New handlebar clamps are mounted to a new lighter top triple clamp, and both units feature a revised rigidity balance for reduced stress on the rider's arms. The new chromoly steel footrests are also lighter, as is the new front axle shaft, enabling the Yamaha YZ250F to weigh in at just 106kg with a full 6.2 litre fuel tank and 0.95 litres of engine oil - just 3kg more than the YZ250 2-stroke.

Dynamic new Icon Blue bodywork with coordinated number plates

Yamaha Racing has made blue its very own, and for an even sharper and more dynamic look the 2021 YZ250F is equipped with new Icon Blue bodywork featuring colour coordinated front and side number plates. Also equipped with blue rims, cylinder head and other engine details, the 2021 model presents a more forceful and sleek appearance that is unmistakeably Yamaha DNA.

Yamaha Power Tuner

The industry-leading Power Tuner is an easy to use digital technology that enables YZ250F - as well as YZ450F - riders to fine-tune the bike's engine power character at the trackside using their smartphone. Riders and mechanics can simply download the free Power Tuner App for IOS or Android devices, and then instantly connect with the YZ250F to make adjustments to fuel injection and ignition timing via the bike's CCU. In the Power Tuner app riders can create their own settings, and using the handlebar mounted button they can switch between two of the maps.

Besides being able to make changes to the engine's performance, the Power Tuner can also be used to record race log information and monitor a range of data, including system diagnostics, run time and maintenance - as well as comparing and sharing race logs and settings with fellow riders.

YZ250F New Features for 2021

    Redesigned high-performance engine with stronger top end power
    Smoother throttle response with longer over-rev feeling
    Optimized exhaust camshaft design with new profile and reduced overlap
    Idealized fuel injection settings deliver enhanced power character
    Completely redesigned intake system boosts high rpm performance
    Larger capacity muffler for seamless high rpm acceleration
    Stronger clutch housing to handle increased engine performance
    Redesigned transmission gears with optimized performance and strength
    New-specification bilateral beam frame with idealized strength/rigidity balance
    Revised front and rear suspension settings offer improved controllability
    Lighter and more powerful front (Ø270 mm) and rear brakes (Ø240 mm)
    Lighter handlebar crown and revised handlebar position
    Lighter chromoly steel footpegs
    Lighter front axle shaft
    Icon Blue bodywork and matching blue front and side plates

YZ250F Continued Technical Features

    Liquid-cooled DOHC 4-valve engine with reversed cylinder head
    Mass-centralized engine configuration with rearward-inclined cylinder
    High-efficiency forward-facing inlet and rear-exit exhaust
    Lightweight titanium valves for ultra-responsive performance
    Lightweight exhaust delivers strong pulse effect
    Heavy-duty clutch with excellent feel
    Special shift camshaft shape delivers smooth and accurate gear shifting
    Power Tuner smartphone app enables precise, quick and easy trackside tuning
    ECU 2-map switch for adjusting engine power character while riding
    Electric starter with lightweight lithium-ion battery
    Industry-leading KYB® spring-type inverted forks with speed-sensitive damping
    KYB® rear shock and link-type Monocross rear suspension

New Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Editions for YZ250F and YZ450F

For 2020 the strong relationship between Yamaha and Monster Energy is further reinforced by the new Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 Team with riders Jago Geerts and Ben Watson. Run alongside the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team of Gautier Paulin, Jeremy Seewer and Arnaud Tonus, this talented line-up is ready to fight hard for the podium during the 2020 race season.

To celebrate this full factory onslaught on both the MXGP and MX2 titles, Yamaha announce the launch of the YZ250FMonster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition and YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition models. Featuring black and blue bodywork with exclusive Monster Energy graphics, the YZ250F and YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition models offer motocross riders the opportunity to own an aggressively-styled 2021 production bike* with the genuine factory look of Yamaha's Grand Prix team bikes.

*Both Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition models feature the same technical specifications as the standard models.

YZ450F: Tune into Victory

For 2020 the YZ450F was completely redesigned with a new, more compact electric start engine as well as a lighter aluminium bilateral frame and numerous other specification changes that made it faster, sharper and even more competitive. Developed from the bike that Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP rider Jeremy Seewer took to second overall in the 2019 MXGP World Championship - and equipped with cutting edge technology including the Launch Control System (LCS) and Power Tuner - the YZ450F is the most powerful and most sophisticated large-capacity production motocross bike ever developed by Yamaha.


The 2021 YZ450F returns with all of the class-leading features first introduced on the 2020 YZ450F, including an updated engine, cylinder head, frame and technology features for a lighter, more powerful and better handling motocross experience. Racers can achieve quicker, smoother race starts through Yamaha's Launch Control System, and adjust their on-track performance using the onboard wireless connectivity through the free of charge Yamaha Power Tuner App.

This unique industry-leading Power Tuner App enables riders and mechanics to fine-tune the YZ450F's engine performance at the trackside to personalize their settings and achieve the best performance in all conditions. The bike's premium specification KYB® suspension and lightweight aluminium beam frame deliver outstanding handling at low and high speeds - and the ultra-compact high-tech 450cc 4-valve engine delivers strong power with control.

With new Icon Blue bodywork and matching blue front and side plates for 2021, this high-specification motocross bike delivers both on looks and performance - making the YZ450F the clear choice for every racer who wants to discover their true winning potential.

YZ450F Technical Highlights

    Ultra-compact 450cc 4-valve engine, power with control
    Rearward-slanted cylinder gives mass centralized design
    Reversed cylinder head with forward-facing inlet and rear-exit exhaust
    Yamaha Power Tuner for instant trackside tuning via a smartphone
    2-mode handlebar button for switching engine power map while riding
    Compact electric starter with ultra-light battery
    Launch Control System (LCS) optimizes engine output for quicker starts
    Agile and lightweight aluminium bilateral beam frame delivers precise handling
    Slimline body and seat for ultimate ergonomics
    Industry-leading KYB® coil spring-type speed sensitive front suspension
    Link-type Monocross rear suspension with specially-tuned KYB® shock
    Lightweight wheels with blue rims
    270mm front disc, 240mm rear disc
    4-position adjustable rubber-mounted handlebar clamp<</li>
    Tapered aluminium handlebars with quick-adjust clutch perch

Yamaha Off Road Competition 2021: The most complete range

The Yamaha 2021 Off Road Competition range features a truly diverse and exciting range of models for racers and riders of all ages and levels of experience. With their liquid-cooled 2-stroke engines and high-specification chassis designs, the YZ65 and YZ85 give youth racers the very best start into motocross - while the YZ125 is the perfect bike for teenagers to sharpen their race skills before moving up to the adult category.

Where the all-new YZ250F and recently-redesigned YZ450F come with the most advanced technology, and are also available in the Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition. Then there's the legendary YZ250, Yamaha's ultimate 2-stroke motocross bike with a loyal following of committed racers and leisure riders all over the world.

As well as a total commitment to racing, Yamaha is also serious about making off road riding easily accessible to younger riders. The PW50, a fully-automatic shaft-drive 2-stroke, has introduced generations of young riders to the joys and skills of dirt biking.

In 2020 this legendary kids bike celebrates its 40th anniversary, and during that time the PW50's concept has remained virtually the same - underlining the brilliance of the original design with its rounded silhouette, user-friendly features and uncomplicated technology. First available in 1980, the PW50 has now sold more than 380,000 units in 150 countries, becoming one of the most famous and best-loved kids' mini-bikes ever built.

Driven by a quiet-running 50cc 4-stroke engine with a 3-speed transmission and automatic clutch, the TT-R50E 4-stroke is an enjoyable and easy to ride mini-bike aimed at 4-7 year old kids. With its easy ergonomics and low seat height, he TT-R110E is a truly versatile 4-stroke semi-automatic leisure bike that can be enjoyed by all the family. And with its motocross style bodywork, long-travel suspension and responsive 125cc 4-stroke engine with 5-speed manual gearbox, the TT-R125 is the ideal all-round off road leisure bike that appeals to riders of all ages.

2021 Colours

YZ450F: Icon Blue with new graphics
YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition: Monster Black with Monster graphics
YZ250F: Icon Blue with new graphics
YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition: Monster Black with Monster graphics
YZ250: Icon Blue with new graphics
YZ125: Icon Blue with new graphics
YZ85LW: Icon Blue with new graphics
YZ65: Icon Blue with new graphics
TT-R125LWE/110E/50E: Icon Blue with new graphics
PW50: Icon Blue with new graphics

2021 Model Availability

YZ250F from October 2020
YZ250F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition from October 2020
YZ450F from June 2020
YZ450F Monster Energy Yamaha Racing Edition from September 2020

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha's Genuine Accessories line includes the GYTR® range of high performance race parts and full engine race kits, through to a range of MX riding apparel and also the Paddock Blue collection of leisure clothing.

Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing (GYTR®) engineers have been bringing bar-gripping, hair-raising, industry-leading technology to every performance accessory they've designed for over 40 years. Working closely with factory teams and test riders a wide range of performance-enhancing components has been developed.

GYTR® parts and full race kits are dedicated for riders looking to boost their Yamaha's power output to its full potential and take their riding performance to the next level.

The constantly evolving GYTR® parts range includes billet components, engine parts, protection parts, exhaust systems as well as high performance engine race kits for all motocross models, ranging from the entry-level YZ65 through to the full-performance YZ450F.

Visit www.yamaha-motor.eu for more information on the 2021 Off Road Competition models and the latest range of Yamaha Genuine and GYTR® accessories.

- Yamaha Amsterdam also photos

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